Axel Witsel

  • Currently trading at £1.31 as I type this (but fluctuating +/- 2p at present). Set to sign for Borussia Dortmund after a stand-off with his current club in China.

    Given the move to a team that will in theory allow him to potentially gain Media and Performance bonus', what do you think his ceiling is likely to be price wise?

    I have several shares and still expect him to rise a fair bit; but I am fairly new so my expectations regarding the growth of this price may be naive.

    As such, keen to get the opinion of some more seasoned FI users.

    Is £2+ realistic? If you were holding a fair amount of futures in him, what would you be expecting him to climb to?

  • @Ben-M I'd say depends entirely on his performance buzz ability. Unlikely to win much media buzz so if he gets big scores he could rise a fair bit.

  • Thanks Stevo. Will he only get PB if he's a top 200 player?

  • @Ben-M

    When asking his potential price ceiling, you have to take into account one major factor. The other players in his team that he will complete against for PB.

    Witsel is classified as a midfielder.

    In the Dortmund team, both Pulisic and Sancho are classed as midfielders. I would suggest that they are more likely to score goals, and therefore, more likely to score higher on PB.

    It's the same with alot of teams. Messi is the reason why Suarez is 'cheap' and Neymar is the reason why Cavani is 'cheap'. They steal all the PB, the filthy swines.

    Hope that makes sense ...

  • @Ben-M no anyone can get PB. Top 200 is just for media buzz. If he was signing for Man Utd or Liverpool he may win buzz on the day he signed but because he's going to Germany and not really a huge star name it's unlikely he'll get any media buzz.

    Bear in mind that as a midfielder he will either have to be a regular scorer or touch the ball and create a lot to be up there with the high scorers.

    Not saying he won't do well but I don't now enough about his game to say one way or another.

  • @Ben-M i think 2,5 gbp is realistic.....

  • @NewUser38991

    Dahoud = £1.31
    Weigl = £1.41
    Delaney = £0.92
    Sahin = £0.61
    Kagawa = £0.90

    I really dont see how Witsel would reach £2.50...

  • @playingcards1 we will see :-)

  • @NewUser38991 said in Axel Witsel:

    @playingcards1 we will see :-)

    Gotta agree with playing cards on this one ...

    His price might rise naturally, as a result of the increased number of users on the platform, but in the current market conditions, I'd put him in the £1.50 - £1.75 range.

    Also, if he stays in China ... expect his price to plummet back to about 65p.

    All the best anyways ...

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