Demarai Grey

  • Just wondering if people think stocking up on Grey is a wise choice, good young flair player with a high future potential or will his price stay the same?

  • @debo1986 out of interest, do you know if he's been a transfer target recently?

  • During the summer he was linked with spurs, liverpool, everton, bayern munich and ...west brom lol, could look for a move in january and the will be some mb opportunity im sure

  • Sounds like a good bet - plus brought to Leicester by Ranieri, so gets my vote.

  • I think he is a good bet. If I had the money I would stock up highly on him. At the moment it's tied up with Renato Sanches, Tammy Abraham and Ihineacho. I think Harry Maguire is also a good choice as he is English, young and seems quite low. I believe its to do with Leicester's lack of wins and tough games they've had.

  • Grey is apparently signing a new contract, so likely will sell him in the summer

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