5 Defenders for 2018

  • I thought I would share my thoughts on my top 5 defenders not in Top 200 and look forward to hearing everyone's opinions.

    1. D Vida @ Besiktas - will absolutely move to a PB league before the end of European transfer widow after his world cup showing and his club wanting to make a great profit after picking him up for nothing only last season should be able to make a tidy profit in the short term.
    2. D Lovren @ Liverpool yes he is no Van Dijk but will be 1st choice to play alongside him in an improved Liverpool team and is as likely to grab a goal but is less than half the price. If he scores an early goal and Liverpool keep a couple of clean sheets watch his price rise.
    3. M Keane @ Everton just 25 and will be playing at a much more settled environment at Everton this year hopefully will contribute from set pieces and I see Everton being the top team outside of the big 6 by some distance. 76 pence could double by the end of the season.
    4. F Romagna @ Cagliari 21 year old centre back who already has 21 Serie A games under his belt and has represented Italy at every age group. Juventus were wise enough to include a buy back clause in his sale to Cagliari and it would be no surprise to see that invoked next year at 59p there is little downside.
    5. C Lenglet @ Barcelona It is obvious they no longer fancy Y Mina and Lenglet could well be the future and although it will be hard for him to win PB in the short term at 1.25 he could rise quickly and just look at Mina's price to see that even if he fails at Barcelona his price could double!

    Others to watch
    C Coady @ Wolves 81p - Could see plenty of the ball
    M Sakho @ C Palace 65p - Dangerous from set pieces and could move in winter transfer window
    I Diop @ West Ham 97p - Long term hold could see him at a top 6 club within 2 years
    B Pavard @ VFB Stuggart - Think he will move before the end of the European Window to a top club
    O Haddadi @ Dijon - See plenty of other posts on the forum!!

  • St. Juste. Non-PB league with Feyenoord but in the Europa League (well, in qualifying for it).

    Looks like he has an eye for a goal and Feyenoord pass the ball a fair bit.

    21 years old, 43p

  • Stones, Mendy, Alba, Varane, TAA

  • Abdou Diallo of Borussia Dortmund
    Maties Ginter Gladbach
    Benjam Pavard
    Virgil Van Dijk
    Thomas Meunier

  • @Comrade agree with ginter. Scores goals.

  • Patrick Van Aanholt !

    Scored a few goals towards to end of the season and bombs forward, great crosser and links up well with Zaha.

    Also the occasional link to a top 6 side, also still under valued because Holland didn’t qualify for the WC!

  • @Stevo

    Also a German international and highly regarded.
    If he has another good season like last year a move could be on the cards.
    Either way a good PB hold

  • Listen to the @Comrade he know's what he's talking about on this subject. In addition to this have a look here https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1kc7_GhseWb1xXjxL2Y0W1gTgl-DwHGy884wZ7WIj9t4/edit#gid=0

    From the OP list -
    Vida - Statistically average in a very poor league, might rise in price with a move due to a decent WC but can't any Buzz value here.
    Lovren - Simply not a fan for various reasons, expect VVD to outscore him every time.
    Keane - Get a grip :-)
    Romagna - No sign of a goal anywhere but if he's gonna be a star there's obvious value based on that.
    Lenglet - Now you're talking, great goal ratio, doubt he's gone to warm the bench at Barca, great on the ball. Still cheap. Pique is getting on, Umtiti is erratic, Lenglet will soon be their go to man.

    I also like Issa Diop who has a good stats, only 21 and now at a potentially string West Ham side.

    In addition to the above these are worth keeping an eye on :-
    Hubner @ Hoffenheim, Marcano @ Roma, Naldo, Kehrer and Sane @ Schalke, Vestergaard @ Southampton, Lascelles @ Newcastle, De Silvestri @ Torino, Debuchy @ St. Etienne... Arias, Caldara, PVA, Feddal, Elustondo.... (got bored of writing the team out ha)

    That St. Juste fella looks like FI Gold @AdamG defo worth buying if he gets a move, so thanks for sharing that one.

    Great topic by the way, think there's so many mentioned that will double in value which can't be said for £6 midfielders any time soon!

  • St Juste will be massive, maybe not 2018. At 43p seems silly not to. Holland will get better and raise his profile as well.

  • @Agatello Great summary mate, only thing I'm gambling on is Umtiti, you say he's erratic, I say he's a f'ing liability, watched Barce and Seville several times last season, I think Lenglet has a real chance of becoming first choice. Barce like the left / right foot combo at the back so Lenglet is gunning for Umtiti.

    A couple cheap defenders I'd suggest people research are Ivan Marcano, joined Roma from Porto where he had a decent scoring record and pass completion rate 77p? With Kolarov providing the service I'm sure he's got a couple PB wins in him.

    Also Pavel Kaderabek of Hoffenheim, goalscoring wing-back with European football and transfer links to a couple big clubs - stupidly cheap at 60p?!

    *** I hold Lenglet, Kaderabek and Marcano for PB this season - so as always do your own research :-D ***

    Anyone interested in paying me £7 a month I'll release more of my PB picks ;-D

  • Ferland Mendy - Lyon's LB has UCL
    Mario Rui - Napoli's LB has UCL
    Sebastien Corchia - Sevilla's RWB has UCL
    Antonio Barragan - Betis' RB has EL
    Alessandro Bastoni - Only 19 Inter and Italy's CB in waiting most likely loaned to another Serie A team this season

  • @AT10 I saw enough "air-clearances" during the WC from Umtiti so completely agree with you!

  • @Dave-C

    Bastoni has gone to Parma

  • @Comrade said in 5 Defenders for 2018:


    Bastoni has gone to Parma

    Should play every game there perfect he's only 19

  • @Agatello I particularly enjoyed the punch in his own area :-D And now he's a world cup winner!!!

  • Maybe Marcos Alonso (I know Chelsea isn't impressing atm but is cheap)

  • Tyrrone ebhoie

  • Alaba
    Alexander Arnold

    The best young(ish) pb scorers

  • @Porkisgood *Tyronne Ebuehi. This could be a decent long range punt, if it wasn't for the fact he did his cruciate ligament the other week and is out for the season :/

  • @AT10
    Kaderabek, what a bargain! Thanks!

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