Are the big guns worth it?

  • I know I will get a wide range of answers here so stay with me.

    Is it worth having Neymar, Ronaldo, Kane etc?

    I hold a few shares in all of these but given the crazy price rises recently I question their value. Sure they will earn MB, but compared to how much they cost, this is only a small amount compared to their price.

    I don't have exact figures but Ronaldo costs around £9, and will only take £3 in dividends over the season. I anticipate many players climbing more than that 30ish percent return. Will Ronaldo climb? His price has been more stagnant than most.

    Salah is my only exception to this as I got on him when he was around £5.

    Tempted to sell some of my big guns and concede them forever and spread that money lower down the top 200 and in lots of prospects.


  • I keep asking myself this too.

    I've not been around the game long to give a credible answer but my thinking is that players around the £2 mark could double in value - is Ronaldo, Messi, etc going to get to £18-£20 - No, will Mbappe and Neymar double, they could given their age but I think that's a long term rise.

    I know from personal experience, when I joined, they were 2 of my first buys - with hopefully the influx of new money due to marketing, how many other people will come and look out these big hitters first?

    There will come a time where Ronaldo and Messi's price decreases due to their age - I've taken a bigger holding in Ronaldo at the moment as I'm expecting a lot of buzz around his debut with Juventus and fortunately, his price has gone up around 25p.

    My own strategy is to try and have a mix, those that can bring you Dividends and those that can grow in value, I haven't delved in to the sub £1 market yet as I haven't the time to commit to the research needed (and I'm impatient and like to see instant gains!!).

    On that basis, I believe they do have value in a portfolio as it's always nice picking up the Dividends. The hardest part with "risers" is deciding to sell and if you don't time it right, you could end up losing your profit.

  • @NewUser153941 The big guns can double. Neymar would be about £50 a share right now if it wasn't for the share split.

    So to think Mbappe is a long term double could be wrong aswell. He only needs to be at £16 to double.

  • I can’t see many newbies buying people like neymar/Salah/Ronaldo.

    There is no value, to spend over £1000 on a game like this.

    As an investment like an ISA or savings account it might look good on paper what you might return over a year but as a gambling site/game its not very good or inticing, there is just not enough reward.

    All the big traders who have got in from the start are laughing because they have them at cheap prices most probably but for new customers what’s the point?

    This is not a savings account or an isa, there is now way I would put a couple of grand into Neymar and leave it for a year because he could break his leg!

    As gamblers people want instant return or something near it.

  • @NewUser60527

    Neymar did break his leg... and the price went up!

  • @playingcards1 broke his back aswell

  • @the_timallen Depends on strategy. £3 is still 33% returns which I think is great, but all comes down to what people are aiming for I suppose

  • I ditched the big players and went for players with potential months ago and it has bought me lots of returns.

  • @NewUser60527

    If you want an instant return, then the £5+ players are not for you.

    Anyone buying Neymar etc should be doing so with a view to keeping him for circa 2-3 years and farming his MB and PB returns. At the end of the 3 years, he is likely to have delivered a 100% return from dividends and probably another 50% from future price increase. If dividends are increased during that time, then both of those percentages will increase significantly.

    You can make more profit sooner, by taking a punt on a £1 player. But most of the £1 players on the Index are only a dozen bad games away from being sold to a Championship team and having virtually no value. For example, Danny Ings is £1.07. If he goes to Newcastle or Palace and scores a few goals (and wins a couple of PBs), he could easily hit £2. Alternatively he could struggle for goals and be sold to someone like Ipswich next Summer. That's the chance you take with lower value, shorter term, investments.

  • @playingcards1 said in Are the big guns worth it?:


    Neymar did break his leg... and the price went up!

    I imagine those who had him at £2 just topped up, easy if you have that advantage.

    A broken metatarsal is not a leg come on!, and a sprained ankle.
    I’m talking a serious leg break here.

  • @ocs123

    I know all that, i am just looking at it from someone joining now, its not that lucrative as a gambler to buy £10 plus players!

    An as investment yes!, IF you have the patience........

    But I imagine a lot of people on here are gamblers at heart and want something a bit quicker.

  • I think it all depends on your bank personally. I only have a three-figure sum invested and therefore wouldn't be able to buy many shares in them. I would much rather buy 50 of a cheaper player than say 5/10 Neymar's

  • @AdamG Agree with you mate 👍 I don't have players above 2 £. I've 50 players and over 3k shares on them and made 20% profit so far in 9 weeks!
    Simply small portfolio -' cheap' players, bargains, future 'big guns' for max 3£
    Big portfolio - more money - more choice to buy and strategy to use.

  • When I joined a couple months ago, I ended up buying the "big guns" and they have returned dividends which is great but as I have learnt how this all works, I find myself buying players at less than £2. I have made almost 20% profit, also made mistakes but overall I am up. I only regard it as profit once the player is sold. I will probably hold the "big guns" until I think its a good time to sell.

    Cheaper players always rise quickest I have found.

  • All I heard was how much of a divvys magnet Neymar was and not lived up to hype since i been on here not to justify £13 mo Salah was a media magnet before the WC and after it’s been a mixed bag

  • @Mazza-magic just wait til Neymar starts performing in Ligue 1. A par score for him is a pb win a month based on how many times he goes 220+. Should return in the 3-4 pound range (including mb) over the season if he stays fit.

    People will buy him up once they see how dominant he can be.

  • Big for divs small for growth

  • Ronaldo and Pogba breed dividends.

  • Some big guns are very much worth it, Capital appreciation and dividends. Pogba, Neymar, Hazard and new kid on the block Mbappe will rise and rise and MB & PB divvies will flow..
    Not sure Kane, Salah and Ronaldo (age) will....

  • @PB-man that’s what I keep hearing but if I brought him in April when I joined I wouldn’t be proper disappointed

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