Football Ind-expo 2018

  • I have been talking to a couple of long term traders about potentially setting up footie ind-expo 2018. Would be unofficial non FI affiliated run by traders for traders. Sharing strategies and presenting data etc. Would probs be £30 each venue cost. Who's interested?

    Ive been in touch with molineaux and waiting to hear back from fulham, mk dons and wolves.

    There would be presentations and panel discussions

  • I like the venue idea but wouldn't it be the same if set at a boozer in Milton Keynes, Putney and Wolverhampton?!

  • Lassez-faire response but I would definitely attend.

  • @Lukeroro see the trade event post ive just done. Got a bar in london as more sensible venue

  • Yeah, have done. Love the ambition of a stadium event but we ain't no Jamiroquai!!

    I work weekends so the Sunday bash would be impossible. Is what it is.

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