Thibaut Courtois!

  • I am new to FI so a big hello to everyone!

    Right short and sweet but why is Courtois' value on the slide with a potential move to Real on the cards?

  • @NewUser164093

    Goalkeepers struggle to win performance buzz because on any given game day a defender is likely to outscore them.

    This means the only real value they have is for media buzz, but for that they need to be in the Top 200.

    But the press rarely write about goalkeepers, and even less if theyre not in the Premier League. Think how much coverage Ter Stegen or Keylor Navas get in the Sun....

  • Thibaut will be a quid. Get on kepa arrizabalaga 2 quid goalie

  • Aye I am new to this game so a bit to learn. On the other hand I have Yerry Mina and he is flying!

  • @Porkisgood

    I dont think he will be anytime soon.

    Alisson is the only keeper I’ve ever seen get a good run of MB; and he has the advantage of being a Brazilian with one name.

    Goalkeepers are essentially worthless in the current game because its almost impossible for them to win dividends. The best reason to hold them is if you think FI will introduce a GK category; but this is both a gamble and massive opportunity cost.

  • @playingcards1 Yeh I am as well just waiting and seeing what happens. I was only a single unit purchase so not a massive loss at all in the grand scheme of things.

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