• Good Morning all,

    New to this and don't follow La Liga that much.
    But surely with Asensio being classed as a midfielder, he looks cheap?

    Do many expect him to get divs?


  • @Irene-goodnight

    Yes I think he’s a smart pick. Looks increasingly likely to start the season up top. I only have a few shares, but it feels like he’s a hattrick away from catapulting up to £5.

  • Being classed as a midfielder is a bad thing for Performance dividends since he has to compete with a wider range of players. His scores have been underwhelming so far but he should improve this season.

  • @PB-man


    Surely if he scores goals, he will do well regardless? Or are goals less important for midfielders than forwards?

    Haven't experienced the opta engine in full force yet


  • @Irene-goodnight The scoring is the same for midfielders and forwards but there are more players classed as mids that play every gameweek (4-5 midfielders vs 1-3 forwards for each team playing) as a result midfielders usually need better scores to win the dividends than forwards, especially since there are many mids capable of big scores if they grab a goal (think defensive mids who make lots of passes and tackles but also score the odd goal).

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