Has anyone got their bonuses yet?

  • yes, still waiting, not had a reply to my e-mail of 9am this morning.

    I had a £200 deposit credit my account twice, was told to make sure that £200 was available in cash on 31/7 and they would remove it - it has been sat there for 9 days now.

    it seems like their systems are labour intensive and whilst they may have worked in the early days, aren't feasible given the rise in members. surely a pretty basic algorithm should have sorted this so that everyone was given their bonus at the exact same time and was automatically stopped if someone withdrew.

    I also think that their opt-in system is pretty poor, I took a screenshot on my phone, but surely a simple e-mail saying thanks for opting in now deposit and buy futures would give people a bit more confidence.

    I'm really enjoying my 6 or so weeks in FI, it's addictive and the season hasn't even kicked off yet however I know that some are pretty fed up with the IT issues and I don't think that's what FI needed just before the big marketing push but that's what they've got.

  • What we're seeing here is their marketing efforts have been spectacular but their IT, staff recruitment / retentions and customer services processes are lagging well behind their rate of growth and it's beginning to show. Add to this an IT error that caused a massive unexpected job for an understaffed team to have to spend in some cases possibly hours per case to unpick each individual error and that's why people are seeing what they are seeing. Basically growing pains. It's not great but they will get through it. I hope they have preempted their growth rate as the Motty Sky ad kicks off imminently and they're gonna need to have a strong recruitment drive for extra staff and upgraded customer service training to cope with the new growth. Their IT team seems slow to respond in comparison to teams I've worked with in the past and either the IT leadership needs changing and / or the IT team needs to be increased as they are just too slow to deliver results and caused a big fuck up which has damaged customer trust and lost customers too. Both IT and recruitment of staff would be areas I'd really be focusing on if it were my company. I ran my own companies for 10 years so can sense what their going through and don't envy those responsible for dealing with it. They must be having some real sleepless nights

    Anyway, be patient and keep faith, they have good intentions and will get through it. Enjoy the unprecedented rises and know that your money will eventually arrive once they've got through this mishap and I hope they have made a preemptive move to avoid such events occurring again in the future. They know it sucks and they know they are leaking new customers who will leave due to the disgruntlement their errors are creating but they will undoubtedly be doing everything they can to rectify it. For us guys, I'd rather it be growing pains with their operational capacity rather than a failed marketing campaign. The future's very bright for us early adopters and those that stick around will see that / are seeing that too.

  • @Mr-Matt well said

  • @ocs123 cheers for clearing that up for me mate

  • @Joev me too.

  • @CraigD I emailed at 6am. Not expecting a reply until probably even Monday now. I emailed about the same double deposit issue last week and it took 3 days for a response.

  • @Mr-Matt The future is bright. Footie is going up by 200 - 500 each day and my money is going up by about £50 - £200 each day and I only own the cheaper players most people aren't buying yet.

  • @Stevo mine has just come through now!

  • Still waiting despite complying with terms. As a relatively new user I'm very unimpressed with the customer service so far. I was tentative about signing up and beginning to regret it now. My confidence in the credibility of the company has been undermined by the lack of replies to queries and failure to pay bonus by 8 August as promised. I am also not making any money when taking into account 2% commission and feel that new users are at a huge disadvantage to earlier joiners.

    Also those that invest huge sums and describe this as akin to a bank account should give this some serious thought and ideally see a financial advisor, in case this whole scheme goes up in smoke...

  • @NewUser162554 Firstly, welcome. I agree that it is bound to be frustrating for new and old users alike given the recent glitches. Thankfully I have managed to avoid any issues recently and had my bonus paid out on time. However I would encourage you to give it a couple of months before making any decisions. I have been using FI for over 2 years and the platform has seen unprecedented activity/growth in the last few weeks which will undoubtedly have put some additional strain on Customer Services and the technical team, I can assure you it is not typical of FI. I back them to sort it out eventually and learn from it.

    Re new users being at a disadvantage, us veterans have of course benefitted from huge growth in the product but this was our risk so therefore our reward...going forward we all have equal opportunity to profit, there are rises of 20%, 30% etc every day and I also remember Neymar being considered overpriced at almost every milestone and many would say so now, but who knows, he could one day be £50 and you too could also be considered an lucky early joiner.

    Just my two penneth to encourage you to give it a couple more months before making any decision.

    Good luck.

  • @Martino thanks for your reply, appreciate it. I may stick it out as I like the concept and product in principle, however the customer service really needs to up its game or inevitably I and others will begin to look elsewhere for our investment/entertainment opportunities. Cheers.

  • @Mr-Matt
    Thumbs up, great summary there 👍

  • @NewUser162554
    I respect your issues with CS and understand you’re frustration. This isn’t usual of them but it will get sorted. Regarding being at a disadvantage though, I completely disagree. I have bought new players in the last 72 hours and made profit. Everyone has the same price point and whether it’s new or additional shares, we’re paying the same. I don’t think many people go without making mistakes, especially early on. If you haven’t made profit after commission, that doesn’t mean you won’t. Just have a small amount in and take your time, it’ll be worth it :).

  • @FranklynMary fair enough thanks. I find 'profit' on here difficult to define. My portfolio is up a bit but in reality I'm not in profit if I take into account costs in selling up. Surely there can only be real profit once you've actually sold the players - so a bit risky to refer to profit on your new players unless you've already sold? Cheers.

  • @NewUser162554
    Yeah you’ll want more than a 2% rise in players. Sometimes a players price goes down and you lose out that way too. But like I said, it doesn’t mean you won’t get it right. I’ve made a lot of mistakes and my portfolio should be a lot higher, but I’ve improved so much too. So if you stick at or, you’ll get there. As for profit, I guess we are never really in profit until we say “this was in my Halifax account, and now I’ve withdrawn double that and made back double my money” kind of thing. It refers more to the money you deposited and what your portfolio was worth compared to what it’s worth now and if you sold up, how much ‘profit’ you would then make.

  • Still no bonus or response from customer services.

    Doesn't fill me with confidence or encourage me to deposit more money in the platform.

  • Still not been paid bonus, am I still one of many?

  • @ocs123 Posted at same time, thanks for the info ocs

  • @ocs123
    Yep same here. i like the platform and there's money to be made but this isn't particularly inspiring. Just a blanket email to everyone who should have it to acknowledge that we're waiting, apologise and say they are working on it would be something. Not a tech whizz but I don't imagine it taking a massive effort..

  • Not only has my £500 bonus not been paid and no response been provided to my email, but FI have actually emailed me separately to say I owe them £10, from when their system messed up and incorrectly recorded two x £10 deposits, when I only made (and received) one.

    What a shambles.

    Incredible that they have the time to set up new customer service queries (the query no. is circa 300 higher than my original email to them), but can't find the time to answer previous emails.

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