Calling all league specialists

  • Anyone out there class themselves as a

    Serie a
    Ligue 1
    La liga


  • @Noirx4 Compared to the ordinary fan yes, compared to you and your stats probably not so much!!

    What's the plan? Happy to contribute if /where I can!

  • Watch almost every Serie A game at least 6 a week. Hope Eleven Sports don't suck, BT did a good job. Still not happy I have to pay another sub now. However "expert" I wouldn't say. I know whats going on the pitch, but I couldn't tell you little transfer talks, academy prospects, ect.

    I watch and go to lots of Premier League and Championship games. Only watch the late and big Ligue 1 games.

    Like AT10 asked what is the plan? I may be able to help.

  • Looking for people interested in being part of panel discussions at football ind-expo 2018

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