Gabriel Jesus

  • Can someone please tell me what he has happened to Gabriel Jesus. Two outstanding performances and two goals in two games since the weekend yet he has taken a massive nose dive. Any feedback and opinions is greatly appreciated.

  • @NewUser85544 probably because people realise he is never gonna win pb

  • I have a portfolio of what I think are good players including Gabriel Jesus and my Portfolio has lost 10% in the last few days.
    The question is do I sit it out or cut my losses.

  • @NewUser85544 There are quite a few players that were/are expensive due to their MB potential. Now we have PB, there are quite a few players under £3.00 that could win as many or more dividends over a season - the market is still adjusting.

  • @NewUser84955 Its a tough call, quite hard to predict how much more they will drop. Just try to estimate how much player X vs player Y will win in dividends over a season. For example, Jesus (£3.58), Messi (£6.66), Marcelo (£1.40) - Is Jesus really going to earn half as many dividends as Messi and 2.5x more dividends than Marcelo over the season?

    Hard to predict now, but if your gut feeling is no then he is probably still overpriced comparatively.

  • @NewUser59170
    What happens if your player falls out of top 200. Do you lose your money?

  • I think I am going to hold tight on what I have for now as believe he will collect a good few more buzzez throughout the season. I do feel that despite a rough patch the question is more so, when to re invest than to cashout here. Espically in a World Cup year with potentially no Argentina?!

  • I think it's down to individual performance/s also - John Stones up 30%+ after a single game yesterday for example. That must be people responding to the performance rather than making complex calculations. Other excellent players have been static and then picked up recently eg. Modric. I'm tempted to hold onto players that I believe in even of they drift down, though i'm pretty cautious in terms of quantities in general.

  • @NewUser50584 you lose your money - it's best to be cautious with lower value players, as this can easily happen

  • @NewUser85544 I would say you are right to hold on as he is going to be a superstar.There will be PB for the world cup and brazil will always be amongst the fav.Its the PB system that is killing share prices in these players.

  • Thanks @Chewbacker, I see a lot of growth in him and the more I look at it the more I'm excited thinking this is the time to buy again on him.

  • @NewUser85544 I am going to have a chunk myself

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