How many players have you got shares in?

  • How many players have you got shares in? also average amount of shares you buy in each player

  • 4 players. Only off a budget of 100 and my portfolio is at 150. Haven't got the attention span or the budget to claim players simply for dividends.

  • 143...
    Dropping that to 100 over the next couple of months.

  • 10 players and an average of 75 futures in each.

    6 of the 10 are MB/PB big hitters and the remaining 4 are super cheap players who play for PB eligible clubs.

    I then sign an 11th player every now and then, looking for a quick flip.

  • 33 players. Average of about 45 in each

  • 150 players.

    I tend to buy either 50 or 100 shares; Im trusting in the overall growth of the market.

  • 60 players - 10x shares(2£ish player), 30x shares(1,5-2£), 50x shares(1£), 100x shares (less 1£)=over 3k shares

  • @playingcards1

    Similar to this, just over 200 players now with min 50 and max 100 in each except some big MB/PB players like Neymar / Salah / Pogba / Kane where i have 250-400 shares

  • I think 100 futures of each player is the best number if you can. As many players as possible obviously.

  • @NewUser158120 9,054 futures, 86 players, cost £9,628, value £14,332.

  • @Bernie-Madoff mind you....i guess that 2/3 of the players are old ones. Whenever i sell a player i always leave 1 future in my portfolio. It's interesting to look back at players you've sold and see whether you sold them at the right time or not...if that makes sense? It's all a learning process!!! I find it helps me. It's a good idea if you can afford to have 2/3 of your portfolio just being "1 future holds".

  • Respect to anyone who has 150+ players in their portfolio, but how on earth do you keep track of them all?

    Price is easy enough, but what about injuries, form, transfer spec, etc. Do you spend all day checking websites?

  • Around 7/8 ranging from 10 shares to 150. Couple of big hitters for MB and the rest young talent

  • @NewUser158120 64 players, minimum 100 futures, maximum 1500.

  • 30 players, number of futures range from as few as 5 to as many as 15. So compared to many on here I'm a pretty small fish.

    Having said that, my portfolio is worth £515 and my net deposits are £400... so at least I'm going in the right direction.

  • 10 players, holding from 10 to 50 in each player. Net deposit is £300, portfolios worth £363, that's after only using the platform for a week or so. Plan on investing heavily over the next few weeks in a lot of youth, sub £1 and sub £2 players and in the big guns, Neymar, Salah, Jrod etc, for the dividends.

  • 90

    MB/PB Hybrids - 5
    PB Bosses - 25
    Cheap PB - 20
    Speculative Punts - 30
    Wonderkids - 10

  • Just reading the replies to this topic & the amount of money people have invested just blow's my mind. To put so much money in just shows how credible Football Index is & just how much can be made :)

  • @NewUser2025 Or just how crazy people are..;)

    I have about 250 players. For people asking how to manage a portfolio of that size...the answer is basically that you don't really need to. I am just trying to pick up on the overall growth of the index. If one player gets injured (i.e. KDB) and i don't notice for 24 hours cause i have so many players....then it doesn't matter as he represents such a low % of my portfolio. Injured players rise again with time (unless career ending or dead) so it doesn't really matter.

  • Hi Matt. I hope you're well. Thanks for telling us about the number in your portfolio. I hope you're doing well with it. I've just started & have only got 20 players atm. I've 3 big star's, 7 middle ranking players & 10 (hopeful !!) future stars. Going into you saying about 'how crazy people are' .. that made me chuckle :) I might be way off, but I reckon quite a few of the people on here are football fanatical PIP winner's ;) All the best Matt

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