Come on Agatello....20 IPOs to review

  • Mr Aga (Do) Tello has got his work cut out tonight ha ha! I like to think FI drop him a message warning him of any impending IPOs?? Come on @Agatello we're relying on you ha ha ;-)

  • Don’t be lazy and rely on the poor chap time and effort
    Is a pile of crap anyway, not much to be excited about in tomorrow’s lot imho

  • Haha, I'm just looking into this Matt O'Riley dude actually, coming on in 45 mins in the 10am slot.

    He's had Arsenal, Utd and City sniffing around him within the last year or so and represented England at u16 and u18.

    There's very limited information as to what type of midfielder he is and his statistics BUT we know the Index loves a promising youngster as they all chase the next star.

    From the others so far I like the look of Stefan Johansen's stats, goalscoring pass master (more goals but less passes than Cairney) but a Fulham fan on Twitter suggested he might be the one to make way for Seri, although it's a long season and he's bound to get game time.

    The other is Steven Sessegnon, we know he's Ryan's brother so there's kudos there and we know he played in the U17 WC winning side but so did Oakley-Boothe who's sitting at the same IPO price of 70p.

    It's going to be interesting to see how these new IPO's go as we've had a massive break and an influx of new traders who are bound to want to see what it's all about. So today's offerings won't get you salivating but I wouldn't like to say if they'll flat line or jump at this stage as the dynamics have changed.

    I'll write more once I've seen what happens to Matt O'Riley :-)

  • Well there seems to be some appetite for even the most obscure players but not anything that makes you think I need to be on that train.

    Marlon Fossey got a respectable rise but the Fulham faithful didn't pick him out.

    As expected Matt O'Riley jumped the most and there was definitely money to be made on the flip.

    From the 12 o'clock bunch I still think Stefan Johansen might attract a bit of attention and Aboubakar Kamara, although not amazing does have a really cool nickname - AK47 to match his number, although it's tailor-made for headlines should he ever "shoot down" one of the bigs gun this season it's highly unlikely he'll make the top 200 so MB is out of the question.

    I'll do the 3pm bunch later.

  • @bangor116 Mattias Kait seems a decent punt from that article (granted, should research further), but already a full international as a teenager (although don't count his goals against Gibraltar!). 50p start price, could rise sharp to mid seventies????

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