Georginio Wijnaldum and other very cheap players?

  • I'm relatively new to the Index and am currently trying to work out how to best trade. I get the lads like Neymar, and Salah are very expensive because of their returns and that they're national icons but I'm trying to work out why someone like Gini Wijnaldum is so insanely priced? He's 94p at the moment, he's had a good pre season where he's scored a couple of goals and will certainly start for Liverpool in centre midfield against west ham at the weekend. Cant understand why he's so low especially when young english lads who I know have potential but ultimately who won't get a kick hardly this season are going for £3+??? Any ideas, as I said I'm pretty new and trying to learn!!

  • I got on him at 89p. I reckon a lot of people have been caught up in transfer talk and trying to make a quick buck these last few weeksrather than thinking about opening fixtures. Also if you don’t follow LFC you’d assume he’s being pushed down the pecking order. Looks super fit and certain to start on Sunday though.

  • Hi guys,I am a Liverpool fan of over 35yrs.I have to disagree that he is a certain starter on Sunday,Milner or even Hendo start before him for me.Milner has had a decent pre season and Hendo is a klopp favourite,he could have been on a two week piss up in Ibiza with the lads and still been fitter than most prem players.Even if Georgie does play he is unlikely to get pb ,hence the low price.I may be wrong obviously but that's my take on it.Best of luck to you both either way 👍

  • @Twitcher I don't hold any of the players mentioned btw

  • @Twitcher very much doubt Jordan will start, he's literally only just got back, he's not had a pre season and has played about 20mins in the last game. Starting 3 in MF was sure to be Milly, Gini and Naby but Milly has 15 stitches down the front of his forehead from Napoli so not sure if he'll make it. Would be absolutely amazed if Gini doesn't start.

  • @9stevo yeah sorry forgot about the head injury, could well start then.I only hold three reds,Robertson,Shaquri and Salah,don't expect Shaq to play every game but could score big when he does.Hopefully an exciting season ahead!

  • He may startsunday but I think moving forward he won't get regular game time due to the strength of Liverpool's midfield now.

  • Well I think I'm well and truly justified after seeing how well Gini played on Sunday, definitely a contender for MoM there, problem is everyone else was brilliant too!! He's value at about a pound and will definitely go up and I'm going to keep saying it!! 😂

  • @9stevo come on fella give it a rest 😂

    He's won PB before and ill admit, he's not a complete waste at it.

    But playing well and scoring well are two very different things. Not sure what that link was but I am certain that it didn't score him any PB points either.

    If it helps, you put him in the back of my mind a few weeks ago and I from time to time check his price graph for a moment (I would've sold before the palace game myself).

    Certainly not what you are hoping to achieve, but a small achievement is better than the eventual diriding you'll end up with.

  • Playing to deep and I don't see him winning any PB any time soon. He is not getting involved offensively atm and he will be at risk for rotation. Instant sold him at 1.13 during the game because of this

  • @KingZ said in Georginio Wijnaldum and other very cheap players?:

    Playing to deep and I don't see him winning any PB any time soon. He is not getting involved offensively atm and he will be at risk for rotation. Instant sold him at 1.13 during the game because of this

    Wise move

  • @KingZ surely most players don't win PB since only one per match day per position can?!!! Also lads who don't even play are £2+ so how does that work?!!!

  • @9stevo 400 and something players won PB last season. Wijinaldum scored one league goal last season so he is unlikely to be one of those 400 this time around. Funds better used elsewhere.

  • @PB-man totally reasonable, out of interest why do you think lads like Hudson-Odi/Foden are so highly priced when they can't even get in the match day squad? Is it purely on future potential? I'm not being argumentative I'm just trying to learn about the platform I'm investing in!!

  • @9stevo Good question.

    I think they are overpriced based on potential but they aren't bad gambles if you are patient enough to hold for three years. Most people are not though. In three years they will only be 20-21 so even if you hold for that length of time they probably won't be first team regulars yet.

    Buy young players who start a good number of matches for their teams and are already showing PB potential would be my advice.

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