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  • The Football Index survey is up.

    There are questions that pop up in the forum from time to time, so there is clear interest from the community for the answers. When people answer the questions, the data isn't displayed in a clear way and its hard to draw conclusions. So I've made this survey to help.

    I used a free site so the survey will delete after 10 days. Once I've got the data. I'll post it to the forum.

    Please use the link below:!/0

  • 3 responses in 5 minutes. Hopefully we can get a good sample size in the next few days.

  • question 7 doesn't give a timescale for dividends. may make your results inaccurate

  • @Mr-Matt You are right there Matt. I won't reset it now. As it already has 12 responses in 15 minutes.

    I'll probably run another survey down the road after we have the data from this one, and we have discussed the results. Anything we feel wasn't useful or interesting will be dropped and anything we feel needs phrasing differently will be changed, and of course any questions that we want to add will be.

  • 20 in a hour now. already some interesting stuff.

  • 50 now. comments make interesting reading.

  • Looking forward to seeing the results. 👍

  • +1 to the total 👍

  • 52 now.

    Sneak peak on the joining time question. So far: 12% in 2016, 29% in 2017 and 59% in 2018. From our small sample size, active users are over doubling year on year.

    If this trend continues people that join in 2017 will have got into a market early, that will be 4 times bigger in 2019 and people that got it 2016, will be in a market 10 times bigger. 2018/19 could see this growth speed up with TV ads and more users equals more words of month.

  • Compiling the results now. Will take a few hours.

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