What is the best way to stake on players?

  • For example, you have player A at £2.50 and player B at £1. Do you buy 100 of player A at £250, and 100 of player B at £100, total outlay £350? Or 70 of player A at £175, and 175 of player B at £175, total outlay £350? What works for you?

  • That's very relative. Depends on the player, the risk you think each of them represents, or what is your plan when buying. I buy less if I think the risk is higher. But could go either way, depending on player.

  • @Ollie buy higher for low-risk quick flip. Buy low for dividends and then consistently top up.

  • @Ollie I just buy 300 of each player usually.

  • @HappyLarry59855 Regardless of the price, even if it was two or three times higher? Or just the £1.30 range you mentioned a while ago?

  • @Ollie Regardless of the price, wrongly or rightly. There is no reason why, though generally I buy players between 50p - £1.50. A lot of my players are similarly priced anyway, even though I have no method and make it up as I go along.

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