Penny Stocks

  • Just interested to get a feel for what everyone's predictions are for when penny stocks come in? Do we reckon there'll be a big market crash again like with the PB announcement?
    I personally think there'll be a dip but nothing of the same magnitude as PB gate. I think defenders will be hit the hardest because there's tons in the squad.
    Also is anyone planning on completely reshaping their portfolio and punting on a load of penny stocks or do you think there's a reason why the first team is the first team so still keep the bulk of your assets in the top 200?
    Get commenting guys

  • @Blue-Python It could benefit players towards the bottom of the top 200 as there'll be a bit less risk holding them. Do we know when penny stocks will start yet?

  • It depends on how they do it doesn't it?

    Hopefully it will be sensible and won't dilute PB for the top 200 or there will be an inevitable price crash.

    It's hard to commit to building a sizeable portfolio with changes like this hanging out there

  • New to this, what happened with PB Gate?

    I'm guessing this was a recent thing? and I noticed there was a 1/4 share split a while back, how did this effect the market?

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