Still missing players from portfolio

  • Sorry if this is the wrong place to start this topic. Is anyone on here still missing players from their portfolio following the recent issues?
    I have been waiting patiently following the twitter communication but it seems to have gone very quiet and i haven't had any response to my emails for over a fortnight now

  • I'm the same mate really annoyed about it , it's been over two weeks !!!

  • Yep, me too. The lack of communication or urgency is shocking.

  • Same here....waiting paitently but it is starting to get annoying that its taking so long

  • Yes i'm still waiting and i must agree very poor communications

  • Just tweet something on their main twitter page about how outraged you are, I bet it's sorted with half an hour...

  • It seems FI works 24 hrs / day to solve this. On twitter a guy wrote that his issue was sorted out today at 1:20a.m......

  • All sorted😁😁. Mine has just been corrected and i was also given a nice little good will gesture. I messaged CS on twitter earlier today and they just messaged me back to confirm it has been all done.

  • Humanoids .... that’s the real issue here. The same applies to all the other threads

  • Yeah same, I emailed when I first noticed the issue, Friday before last, and I had the standard holding email, I've chased this up a couple of times now, and I don't even get the automated response

    I'm not owed huge amounts, only about 80 quid, so I Feel I've got off relatively lightly, it's just annoying that it's taking so long to fix

    The other far greater worry, is that this issue will put off new users, and considering now is the biggest marketing push in the platform's history, it's really not good enough

  • Finally sorted this morning, missing shares back in my portfolio, slightly annoying that it's taken this long, but they will get round to everyone sooner or later

  • @Wolves_Ay_We
    Good to hear mate, I know you've been waiting a while!

  • Thought it only fair to post that my missing shares have been added back onto my portfolio as I Posted a couple of times about my frustration over the situation but FI came good in the end and the fair gesture of goodwill was very much appreciated.
    Clearly a huge task for the FI team to over come but fair play and hats off to them. This has only confirmed my confidence in the platform. Glad it’s all sorted (hopefully for all effected now) and onwards and upwards with making great returns

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