Karim Benzema

  • just wondering what people’s opinions are on Benzema. With ronaldo away, surely he’ll be relied upon to score more goals & I fancy him to do well PB wise.
    still unsure whether he’s good value at £1.80 since he’s not getting any younger but just wondering what other people think? cheers.

  • I wouldn't buy him , as you say he's getting on and I think his best days are over you'd be better off investing in a up and coming youngster

  • He would be a decent gamble, if he scored 2 goals in the first game he would jump quite a bit I reckon, but that’s an if.

    Also we dont know how madrid are going to set up yet.

  • Based on what Lopetegui has said in the media I think Bale will be the main man and may even play as the most advanced centre forward. Seems traders have taken note, as his price has soared to £7.22.

  • I was very surprised by his price when I checked 2 weeks ago so I just bought 200. He will surely be banging in more goals this season as The Assassin is now at Juve.

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