How does the reserve price work?

  • Couple of players waiting to be sold and their price has dropped below the reserve price. Am I right in assuming I will still sell for a minimum of the reserve price?

  • @Lukeroro no! They will sell as soon as you hit the front of the sell queue and someone buys. Reserve price has never worked as far as I'm aware!

  • What's the point then?!

  • @Lukeroro in short it doesn't work. I've put a reserve on loads of times and then sell regardless

  • It doesnt work, never has done as far as i know... needs taking off really

  • Reserve only works if the price drops below the reserve price before you've sold any futures. If you place 100 on the market with a reserve of £1 and the price falls to 99p BEFORE you've sold any of your 100, then it's supposed to cancel the sale. If however you have already sold a share at above £1 then the reserve is cancelled and they stay on the market

    It does work, mostly. Just no one understands it

  • @Pierrey2129

    Surely that's a major fault in the reserve price system then?

    i.e. in the example you give. 1 future sells at £1, the other 99 sell at 99p. Net result is an average sale price below the reserve!

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