Why is Mendy so much more expensive than Walker?

  • Walker sits at 1,50 but Mendy 2.70 (before today he was at 2.50). I mean, Walker is one of the best fullbacks in on of the best teams?

  • He's much better than walker for PB. Walker is crap for PB, he scored less than 130 today and was the lowest of the Man City defenders.

  • @Pierrey2129

    He's much better than walker for PB. Walker is crap for PB, he scored less than 130 today and was the lowest of the Man City defenders.

    Mendy did 2 assist today. It will not happen every game and without them his PB would be close to Walker. Mendy didn't even make the top 3 today..

  • @KingZ
    Mendy was top City defender by around 23 points. I’m annoyed his overall score was so low considering he had two assists. He was lower than TAA by 6 points and yet TAA didn’t assist and also got yellow carded. Hard to always put the exact reason down but I think he’ll offer more over the season. He has a presence on social media too so on a slow day could potentially grab an MB or something

  • Assists are only worth 10, winning a corner is worth 5, an accurate cross is worth 4. Giving the ball away will lose you 3 points. Players playing those incisive through balls will often lose any points they have gained in asssist through losing the ball. Other players can easily make up for not having assists with other aspects of the game.

    Easy to get carried away with assist stats, especially when you have just set up a fantasy team but on FI they undervalued in the scoring chart and personally I don't take any notice of them.

  • @Ozzlebert wheredid you get this break down mate?

  • @FranklynMary agree with this MB point, he's actually funny! For a footballer! If he can start getting noticed on the pitch he could get a few MB although hes not going to challenge the regulars very often.

    @KingZ His style of play and his age are probably the factors in this price being different. Also we know how average walker is for PB because we have a season of stats to back it up. Mendy doesn't really have many scores to base his price on so he could see movement either way with his next few scores.

    I have a feeling that FI is full of optimists, if we don't know how good a player is we presume he will be the the greatest player ever.

  • @Stevo it's on the faq, it was recently posted on the forum too, a link to a Twitter account.

  • https://mobile.twitter.com/thefiinvestor

    Check out the pinned post at the top.

  • @Ozzlebert
    Oh yeah absolutely, that’s why some players like Salah don’t get as many points because they risk a certain pass and if it doesn’t come off, they lose points. It’s frustrating when you’re seeing things like assist etc, especially as an FPL player but I know that’s just how it is. However if he gets more time on the ball and more passes in then his Pb scores could definitely be worth a couple over the season. With being out for so long last year, he’s quite new to a lot of us in terms of PB capabilities

  • Hes foreign and more exotic

  • Great points everyone. But still think that a player who plays good will increase in price because people will buy good players. Don't think Mendy will get enough MB to justify his price.


    Will a failed cross count as giving the ball away?

  • @KingZ I'm not sure, so many of the scoring criteria are subject to interpretation, Opta will have strict criteria but the closest i can get to find them is this;


    Not the most exciting of reads! From what I can see crosses class different to a pass, and as the criteria is 'giveaway pass' then I guess it doesn't count as a passant so no points will be lost but your guess would be as good as mine.

    As its really hard to find this level of detail on a player I suppose it doesn't matter that much.

    On your other point I do agree that people will just buy good players but I would guess everyone already knows Kyle walker is a good player. I'd hope so anyway if they have any serious amount of money invested and yet his price is still low. Walker doesn't fit in my criteria for buying players so I won't be buying him but I can see some value in him at that price. If Mahrez plays more then he could be a great buy as when he drifts inside it will be more important for Walker to provide the width rather than Sane who last year took a very wide starting position which didn't give walker as much space.

  • Based on a logic of buying players as others will buy them rather than just on dividends I would expect walker to keep rising - simply because people will notice that he's cheaper than the other Man City defenders

  • Look at Robertson for example - someone else who will get a lot of assists - he was relatively cheap compared to TAA and he has shot up

  • I think the more you look into it, you’ll realise a lot of teams have 1 player more expensive than another. Maybe the RB is more than the LB or one CB is more than another CB. Sometimes the cheaper will rise and sometimes the more expensive one will continue to rise. I’ll be interested to see how some defenders do though against their team mates.

  • I will be keeping a eye on how often Mendy beats the rest of defence in Man city.

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