Newbie question.

  • Hello to all.
    I am completely new to this and deposited £200 at the weekend to have a play around.
    Later this week i intend to deposit another £300 so i have £500 to get started.
    So can i ask,if you were starting again knowing what you know now how would you go about it. Who would you buy etc etc.

    Thanks all.

  • @NewUser84341 decide on your strategy from the outset and stick to it... actually research strategies first 🤣 then do what I said

  • Have a clear vision for what percentage is long term and what is short.

    £200 in one ore two big hitters such as Mbappe or Hazard (long term hold)
    £200 in half a dozen players young players you think will make the mark over the next few months (medium to long term hold)
    £100 to keep yourself entertained and interested in half a dozen players you think you can make a quick gain out of (short term hold)

    The breakdown is just an example but only you can decide where your priorities lie, the point is you need to be sure when you buy a player how he fits in with your masterplan

  • A few tips I'd give include:

    • Know exactly how the Performance Buzz scoring works.
    • Don't buy goalkeepers.
    • Personally, I'd not recommend buying only a couple of shares in a player (unless it's one of the big ~£10 players). I'd say buy an amount where if he rises by a few percent you'll actually get a decent monetary gain, as opposed to having a few shares which only result in overall gains in pence.
    • Try not to let personal favouritism get in the way of your purchases, although I know that can be quite difficult!
    • Have fun tracking your players (upwards) movements :)

  • Thanks all.

  • Research, understand the rules and then buy and when you sell and make a profit be pleased - don’t be surprised or hacked off when the player keeps rising as you have made the profit that you wanted..

  • Trust your gut and be patient

  • Spend lots of time studying how the Performance Buzz and Media Buzz works - this is not like real football or fantasy football so without understanding how the points are allocated its hard to make the right decisions - 90% of us on the platform have learnt through mistakes! I personally would spend half the money on the dividend magnets that are Neymar, Pogba and Salah they should ensure you have a nice flow of additional cash to buy more young cheaper players. With the other half once you have done your research buy either players that you believe will rise in the short or long term.

  • There is an article in comments and feeback section called FAQs i suggest reading that

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