Ch. Nkuku

  • Hi all,
    Can anyone explain WHY he is dropped (18p)after PSG - Cean game ?! They won 3:0 and he was all 90 min on the pitch with assist for first goal, best player for PSG/on the pitch - stats from whoscored ?

  • Thats a good thing mean top up on futures.... after yesterday's game he's certainly proved himself in the first squad!

  • Exactly what Newuser113421 said fill ya boots.This kid will be a future star.

  • @NewUser113421 good or not but why he's dropped?
    I'll buy another 100x and he'll play nxt week and perform well. His price will drop again?
    Mbape will back and he will be on the bench - so again he will go down??

  • @Chewbacker will be or not but why Index reacted like that?

  • I think he's class

  • Hes one for the future, he will keep going up and maybe a move to arsenal one day (emery being his old manager at psg)? If he cant hold a place in the psg team. Cracking player. I hold a few.

  • I own, but who is he going to replace in PSG’s starting lineup?

    Neymar, Mbappe, Cavani, Rabiot?

    One for the future; a short term corrective right now is nothing to worry about.

  • I'm guessing he dropped as a correction to him rising due to him getting a game. Once he didn't win then there was a correction.

  • @Mundek Unfortunatley there are many people on the index who are not willing to invest in a talented young player and allow him the time to have a break out season and then reap the rewards by watching his IP increase.Look at Odoi as an example.As an investor in the index you need to allow your investment to grow if you believe in the player.Forget what people say reagrding "Well he wont play when so and so comes back".His PB score was very respectable and is underline stats were fine.Look at Adli,Weah and Nkuku.These three over a period of time will be huge players for PSG as Cavani,Di maria are getting older.Be patient.

  • @Chewbacker I hold Adli, Weah and Nkuku and will stick. I invest all my money in young players with value.

  • I agree with mike778, just a post-match adjustment. Few people buy just before the match hoping to sell with some profit, a few others follow them when they see the price drop.

    Anyway, he is going up again and is surely worth the investment.

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