MB holds for the season

  • Just wondering who people predict will be big MB holds this year?

    Pogba is completely dominating at the moment. However when there is a game nearly every day, he usually doesn't catch it for a while and then comes back strong every now and again, especially near the transfer window.
    Salah was a media darling last season but so far it looks like the media are focussed on Allison and Keita and how they're both performing. Do you still see Salah as an MB hold for the season like others? (As I say this, he's just jumped to second because of the news about him on his phone will driving)
    Ronaldo I can imagine will grab a bit as the English media enjoy covering him and will keep an eye on him during his time at Juventus. Especially if he performs for them in the CL.
    Messi is always there or thereabouts.

    Other than that, does anyone have anyone else in mind that could pick up somewhat regular media? Treble media has been quiet for the big earners from last season (apart from Pogba) like Ronaldo, Salah and Messi so was wondering what people think?

  • I’m thinking it might be Hazard’s turn for 12 months of speculation about a move to
    one of Spain’s big boys...

  • @FranklynMary Jumped away from MB players and onto young players for the future some time ago. Haven't regretted it. Players come and go when it comes to MB. Rooney and Ibrahimovic were MB beasts 2 years ago and now they are nowhere. It could be the same for any of the rest of them.

  • @HappyLarry59855 not regreted selling 100 pogba last week and buying Lato and Harit? Hard to believe you haven't thought about that. If you have held for 1 week more you'd be closer to owning that tower block.

  • I think you have to look at the season coming up.

    Pogba and Mourinho situation is not going away, everybody knows about Jose 3rd season syndrome.

    It’s always been no player is bigger than a club stuff but it seems different now, Pogba is a Jewell United dont want to loose and even if they did it would be £200 million but if it came to player v manager i think Pogba wins, Jose is only ever short term.

    ( also Man U are getting a director of football so less power for Jose ).

    Uniteds board actually want to keep the best players young players hence martial staying ( clearly Jose trying to offload ),.

    Pogba for MB all season with this feud going on.

    Liverpool - Salah was a revelation last year, he isn’t this year ( lasts year he would have got the buzz from the win at the weekend ) Kieta could steal his limelight because he could be the missing piece a the jigsaw for them and he is new!, people like new toys and that’s what he is.

    NEYMAR - he might not win as much buzz as last year he was the transfer of the summer and that move created loads of buzz for him, granted he will still win PB though but then will MBAPPE steal some.....

    Anyone else its to hard to say, Hazard could be brilliant but we dont know that yet under Sarri.

  • I noticed Salah somehow hijacked the media buzz second place slot.. I thought Media Buzz was based on positive football news not how he's been on the phone while driving!

  • apparently negative stories are removed manually during the day but because they come in so late nobody was in the office to remove them. i assume the ones from today will be removed.

  • @Ozzlebert No I haven't. I'm thinking long term rather than short term.

  • @NewUser164962

    Who defines what negative is? Seems very subjective imo. Or do they remove everything football unrelated? Again very subjective..

    I think they should just let the stories ride.. it would be more fair even if some media buzzes are due to unrelated events.

  • @NewUser140313 They only remove stories relating to criminal activity, not just anything negative 👍

  • @BL__FI

    I still think they should let it ride due to difficulty in implementation. I won £5 worth of dividends for Salah yesterday due to him texting while driving. Should I have? Probably not giving your criteria. Should another player have gotten dividends based on your criteria? Probably.

    Difficult to manage given that would have to be a manual process. I would let it ride. I get we’d have the once in a blue moon Adam Johnson case (possibly small potential bad for PR) but if they can’t manage it manually up until midnight then they shouldn’t manage it at all.

    I would also add that shit like this could be a nightmare if reported to the gambling commission (albeit likely FI has water tight terms and conditions). It’s not objective and people’s money is at stake. Just my opinion, even though I am a long term investor.

    Imagine if bet365 (gambling) or NYSE (stock exchange) said you might get your payouts/dividends but it depends on our judgment. Possibly okay in the 1/10000 scenario. Not okay if remotely frequent. And absolutely not okay if not consistent (I.e. it was too late in the night to monitor)

  • I am sure they made it clear in the faq's or manual when I read it that it isn't just positive stories that get MB, think it gave examples of feuds in the dressing room etc

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