• First post here so apologies for anything wrong.
    Thinking to add a few of the mentioned names to my portfolio (2 or 3). Current prices at the time of writing this are:
    Lucas Hernandez - £1.47
    Sime Vrsaljko - £1.18
    Milan Skriniar - £2.45
    Leo Dubois - £1.80
    Ricardo Rodriguez - £1.61

    Which ones would you recommend to add and why? Or if I've missed someone else out that you think might be a better suggestion then who?

  • Some good options. Any reason you aren't adding them all?
    Milan Skriniar did well last year and could be in for a big year, although at over £2 a pop you might want more of a different player.
    Leo Dubois, going to play for Lyon is Europe and short term they have a few smaller game days so higher chance of a PB win as well. I think his price will continue to rise as it already as. They're both in my portfolio so I've done a bit of research on them. For that reason, I can't provide a fair reason for the others. Although Vrsaljko and Rodriguez have popped up from time to time when searching through for other players. With Vrsaljko at £1.18, he's still quite cheap so could get double the amount of him that you could with Skriniar. Depends what you're after?

  • Short Term Lyon play on Friday.

    Only 3 eligible games being played I think

  • @Comrade
    They play next Friday too

  • Skriniar and Dubois have a great PB scoring history. Could say Dubois is relatively underpriced as he's just moved to a bigger club , but skriniar has solid history. R Rod has Europa league with Milan and looks very attacking when I've seen him. He takes pens for Switzerland (don't know about Milan maybe someone else does). I'd go for those 3 first.

  • @Indexical
    Do you think maybe Higuain will now?

  • @FranklynMary
    Not sure. I own both !

  • Also interested to see de Vrij vs Skriniar for PB at Inter

  • All good picks but I’d go for Dubois followed by skirniar-both excellent for pb

  • @Indexical
    That works out then! Yeah interesting battle

  • Thanks for the tips. Decided to go for a 37.5%/37.5%/25% split for Skriniar/Dubois/Rodriguez. Good shout on the friday games for lyon, had a look at soccerway and according to them the next 4 lyon games are all on a friday! Against fairly easy opposition (Reims(A) ,Strasbourg(H) ,Nice(H) and Caen(A)). Might have to top up my depay shares.

    I will keep an eye on the other 2 and see how Vrsaljko starts at Inter and if Hernandez manages to start more games ahead of Luis.

  • @FranklynMary said in Hernandez/Vrsaljko/Skiriniar/Dubois/Rodriguez:

    They play next Friday too

    And the Friday after that ...

    No idea why they are the Friday night team just now, but that will be 3 in a row.

    That probably explains why the Lyon front 3 are flying up in price.

  • @johnboywalker
    Isn’t it like 5 in a row or something? Either way, a lot of single game days!

  • Is dubois likely to start every week? Know very little about Lyon and their squad depth.


  • @Irene-goodnight Always tricky to predict a manager's mind but I should think so.

    He plays RB, the position was mostly occupied by Rafael (ex-Man U) last season, but his contract expires in 2019 so there's a strong chance they're planning on selling him before the window closes.

  • What happens to Lyon when Fekir comes back in though? Would say Depay is the most nailed on attacking option and reminded of his PB suitability last week.
    Was having a look at the mids - tousart had good stats on fri and is relatively cheap. Haven't looked at his last year scores

  • @FranklynMary

    Yeah probably, but they split for 2 weeks for the international break I think ...

    If you look at the upcoming fixtures for most teams, real Madrid and barca have the easiest run until the international break. 3 games, all against diddy teams, plus they play on separate days, so won't be competing for PB.

    The German teams have only got 2 eligible fixture before the end of this month, so I'm avoiding them at the minute.

    Atalanta have got 2 Monday night games in a row coming up. 20th and 27th August.

    Just some observations, as I know alot of people on the index don't look further than a day ahead of themselves ...

    Oh and completely off topic, so apologies to the OP.

  • Cheers for the Atalanta heads up. Looks like they've finally actually nearly qualified for the EL group stage too (crazy amount of games!) so some good value there

  • @johnboywalker
    Yeah there’s a variety of single game days coming up. Should be interesting. One of the days is Munich vs Hoffenheim too so will be good to see how other pbs add up in comparison

  • @Indexical
    Would be great if they qualified. You got many Atlanta players?

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