Best time to sell up

  • Thoughts on people's best time to sell up and go again. Currently invested just over £500 and at a 22% profit. I have the urge to sell up and go again but with the players I have i also have a feeling it's going to keep rising with players in my portfolio like neves, pogba and salah. Thoughts?

  • The whole market will go up (well majority) is the current trend. Always horrible when you sell and the player continues to rise...
    Go on keep what you have and invest another £500 on the new players you are sweet on.
    Only bet with what you can afford to lose (a must rider).

  • @NewUser125668 yeah what he says. (But when the fun stops, stop)

  • What was your plan when you bought them? If it was to sell at 22% profit like you said then yeah, sell up. It's hard without knowing your portfolio too and the reason you bought them. Did you buy Pogba and salah for dividends? Salah has a long season of winning a variety of divs (I hope) and Pogba can't seem to stop at the moment. But if you think you can see more opportunities elsewhere then that's you call.

  • @FranklynMary I got pogba for the MB so I didn't invest too much but I got salah at around £4.50 Because i had a feeling he was going to rocket!

  • @NewUser125668
    Why not stick it out with them? Great price on Salah!

  • @FranklynMary true. I only bought 11 shares but it's still a good jump + I made nearly £30 in divs alone!!!

  • @NewUser125668
    Yeah that's some great returns there mate. I wouldn't buy pogba now at the worry of a big dip if he were to leave and/or when the media have their dip in him and focus elsewhere for a bit. However if I had him at a half decent price then I would keep him. Up to you though.

  • As long as Pogba doesn't move away from United he will be winning regular dividends all season. He's hugely undervalued considering he offers £2+ of dividends per season so could support a price of £20 or so.

  • @PB-man Im half hoping he hits a tenner but that's a BIG ask. To be fair I've made a 22% profit off a 6 man portfolio which I thinks pretty good

  • @NewUser125668

    Sell roughly 1/4 of the shares in each player (i.e. Your 22% 'profit') and reinvest that into other players. This way you are actively using your portfolio increase to fund further increase.

    Really you need to assess each player in your portfolio and decide if they have further value (through dividends or increase in price) and decide if they are 'continue to hold' or release the profit/entire value to reinvest elsewhere.

    I find the market to be very volatile around match days as well, so deciding the best time to exit/enter a trade is key also...

  • This post is deleted!

  • @Safri15 to be fair I feel like most of them can increase. I've got salah, pogba, pavon, Hendricks, mendyl and neves. At this point I think salah is mainly a pb and mb because he's risen so much

  • @NewUser125668 Yeah I don't think he will reach £20 but he can sustain that price if we are looking for a 10% return in dividends. Not many players manage even that so Pogba returning 20%+ currently is ridiculous value.

  • 20% of my portfolio in Salah and Pogba at the moment. Got a bit lucky on my timing on Pogba but did rationalise that Mourinho is always good for some drama! I expect rifts with Mourinho to continue for a few Man U players.

  • @NewUser125668

    I've changed strategy many times in my first two weeks and seem to have gone against all of my stock market principles....

    I've sold quite a few players and then wondered where my capital went....

    Just bear in mind the spread and the 2% commission. That 22% profit will soon reduce unfortunately.

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