Costa & Suarez ...

  • ... two of the best strikers in the game, loads of experience, not too old, always in the media & will be scoring loads once they're playing again. £2.08 & £2.28. Got to be some value there! ???

  • My thoughts also. I bought Suarez for £2.03 and costa at £2.24 both seemed stupidly cheap especially suarez.

    Suarez shot up a week or so ago about £2.65 but has dropped again for some reason.

    Costa has dropped quite a bit but that's because he isn't at a club at the minute.

  • Suarez dropped again. Not sure why?

    He is playing every week and is scoring the goals. He hasn't had any PB or MB yet but I'm sure they will come.

    Still in profit with him but he has dropped a fair bit the last 2 weeks.

  • @iwantmore there's a lot of "not sure why" comments recently.

    Jesus is on form yet drops.
    Lewandowski banging them in yet drops.

    I'm wondering if people are playing FI for single day matches only and sell up once dividend received.

    I've also seen comments that people are trading between 12-6am when apparently trading is shut based on FI FAQ's.

    I've only been playing a few weeks and I can't see any logic or trends in this game. Everything is upside down.

  • @iwantmore I saw the game yesterday & when he came on he looked like he needs a couple of games to get his fitness/form back properly. Dembele had a shocker

  • Too many illogical drops in last fortnight IMO. Rashford, Jesus, Lukaku, Alli and even Kane. Pogba I understand due to latest injury news. In addition a 1.5% portfolio drop overnight!! Something strange going on, must be PB related, FI need to come clean on 12 to 6 dealing.

  • Yes I work nights and the dealing is 24 hours. Deffo doesn't stop

  • Looks like selling to buy Man City players + maybe profit taking & irrational market type stuff - might be bargain hunting time but i'm a bit nervous as it's a bit crazy out there

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