• New to this so forgive me if this is a daft question but when do dividends get paid?

    I thought it was 2.00pm but nothing has come through?

    Thanks in advance

  • About 00:30

  • Dividends usually come through around 2am. Sometimes a bit earlier and every now and again there might be a delay and you receive them around 8am or something. The 2pm is the cutoff to buy a player for that day’s dividends. So if you bought anyone after 2pm, they won’t receive any dividends from that day.

  • Hi mine is normally paid into my account when i sign in at 8am ish, so long as you have futures in the player before 2pm deadline you should receive divi's unless you sold him before midnight but it is recommended you keep them until you have received the divi's.....if not you should ring them but check your transaction first to comfirm that didn't recieve them.

  • @FranklynMary thank you. Makes much more sense! I was thinking the 2pm acted as cut off and payment!

  • @NewUser141969 thank you. Much clearer

  • Has there been any talk about raising the dividends? Prices seem to be growing quite rapidly with more people coming on board. I think that it will get to the point where players are £20+ and then the low dividends will not make that aspect of the "game" worthwhile. The 2-3% commission would be increasing all the while.

  • @NewUser153897 cant see them doing it while this level of growth only reason theyd raise dividends would be if it slowed down

  • That's a fair point. I suspect they'll wait until there are a lot of grumblings about value for money, but for now... I see rises in value for most players.

  • Personally I don't think the next step would be to raise dividends, but to increase the number of people who receive them. Such as adding a 4th place to Media days, a GK category for PB or maybe even match days split into PB for each of the 5 leagues.

    My thinking behind it would be that more players then have dividend potential and higher value. So instead of making the top players worth more, you make the mid-low end players worth more. Think more 'new money' would get invested this way.

  • @NewUser153897 I've been talking about them raising dividends for ages. I don't think they will though until people become unhappy.
    At the moment people genuinely believe a 10% return in dividends per year from a players value is a good return. In a few years though when the player they hold only has returned them 20% and then their value plummets down from £8 to £0.50 - £1 they'll cotton on too late and then moan.
    As I say though, until people start realising there is a problem FI will milk it.

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