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  • I'm new to football trader and think its something I will hopefully do well at, but I am still not up to speed on how/why some price fluctuate quite how they do.
    My best picks so far have been Kenedy at 1.35 and Bertrand Traore at 2.15 but as I am new both to small futures of around 10 on each player. However, Sunday morning I made my biggest outlay in one player with investing 16 futures in Bernardo Silva at 3.16, now I am fairly certain that he can go on and become a +4.0 player. Yet after a good performance his value dips........I found this really surprising. Appreciate its all subjective, but it did get me wondering am I missing something that experienced users are more familiar with ? Any thoughts /comments appreciated

  • I'm still new to this too, but I would suggest that Bernado Silva isn't likely to get a definite starting place until David Silva starts to drop his form. He'll certainly get games because he can play a few positions, but not playing every week will be a problem for him.
    He could be a good long term bet. Having said that, at the moment, every single player I have is up and I think that's just because more people are buying in, so you might get some short term profits too.

  • @NewUser164540 I've been thinking this for a while but I reckon a lot of new users are joining FI with the view that buzz scores will be awarded similar to how fantasy football is scored. Although similar in a sense there are significant differences such as assists score really quite low and misplaced passes reduce a players score.

    Because silva is in a team of players who pass the ball a lot, ie David Silva and De bruyne amongst others he is unlikely to win the performance buzz often as he isn't seen as their star player.

    Having said that, it doesn't mean his price won't go up in the future. I'd stick with him for a little while. It's often easy to see other players rising while your own choices seem to be stagnating or dropping but they are only one good performance away from a decent rise.

    I held richarlison for months on around £2. Hot rid the second I was breaking even on his move to Everton and he's risen over a quid since I sold so you win some and you lose some.

  • Thanks for the comments guys. I think the key is backing your judgement on a players value growing over time and not be too influenced by short term rise and falls.
    An open ended question as I guess people have their own strategies, but I have been focusing on players who are a little more under the radar, as such it means I wont/haven't really be earning any dividends from these players. On dividends, my early thoughts are that it is likely the most famous players who will earn these dividends but at the same time their scope for growth is maybe less obvious. Is this a fair basic assessment ?


    Figure out what the biggest trend/topic will be for a journalist to cover in a season and buy the player most affected - this season its pretty obvious.....


    Read the rules and make your own judgements, last seasons stats wont be the same as last years because factors around those will changed on the whole ( new players/differenttactics/moreconfidence/fitness.....)

    MY TIP

    Always think ahead.

    I have already brought and sold for Lyons Friday game as an example and made a nice profit. ( if you buy near a game the likely hood is good traders will always selling )

    ( of course there is an balance between holding a player for growth and getting out as you never make the money until you sell remember)

    Now I am looking at Europa league and the England friendlies for a price increase in players.

  • @NewUser164540 not really there are plenty of not famous players who smash the pb. I suggest trying a data product

  • @NewUser60527

    Ordinarily I would agree with you regarding buying and selling ahead of the curve. But in the case of Lyon, they have Friday matches for the next 3 weeks, so you may have sold a bit early. Time will tell I suppose.

  • @NewUser164540

    It takes everyone a bit of time to get used to how this market works and to gain a reasonable understanding of why prices move when they do. And even now, it's never possible to 100% predict every trend otherwise everyone would be millionaires.

    If you are new the best advice is to not invest too much until you have really had day to day direct experience on the platform for a number of months. It took me 6 months to get fully comfortable. In that time I would recommend watching Football Index Guide's YouTube content and podcasts.

    You ideally want to get yourself in a position where you don't have to ask the question you just asked, which gives you more confidence when trading and puts you in control. But it takes time.

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