6 Overpriced Players to discuss

  • Having sorted my players for the coming season I thought I would see peoples thoughts on 6 players I believe are really overpriced in my opinion for various reasons;

    C Ronaldo - At 33 years of age and at a new club he is just one minor injury from being shipped off to China or USA. With the potential of order books coming in and instant sell going it would be nigh on impossible for everybody to dispose of there futures and you could be stuck with them beyond 3 years and therefore lose everything. Too much risk for maybe 1 years worth of returns at circa 10%. I do believe order books are a game changer for older players and have disposed of all my futures in him and other over 30's.

    P Foden - £3.09 may seem value for a player of his undoubted talents but I just do not see him getting much playing time this or next season and even if he does the completion for PB points in the City team means he is unlikely to return anything.

    Alisson - We all know keepers win nothing in this game so until they have there own section £1.95 is a waste of money that can be spent elsewhere.

    H Kane/R Lukaku/P E Aubamegang - Will group these together, as out and out strikers cannot see them winning apart from on single days as they just don't touch the ball enough and with there increased prices the returns are just to low. Also to add they do not feature in MB very often so Kane as the 5th most expensive player is the worst value of them all when comparing him to the 4 players valued higher than him and Pogba just below.

    Keen to hear your thoughts

  • @Fletch I agree.

  • Everyone has their views and ideas and yours are to be respected however don’t see some of those overpriced myself

    Ronaldo - yes 33yo and that’s a bitpg fat negative however he is with Messi the best out there at the moment, he will get loads of attention in a new team / league, Juve is vastly dominat and get a fair share of penalties so he should score a few and return divis
    Foden - Arguably overpriced yes however people are trying to get in the next big thing early, he had a fantastic statprt to his career, has bags of talent, he has a coach who teaches players and is not afraid of bringing youngsters into the team and praised him a few times, he should play a few times this year
    Alisson - keepers don’t usually win nothing however Alison has already won 44p of MB and 12p of PB (yes that’s right), much much better in % returns than about 90-95% of all the players on the index
    No comment on the 3 strikers as the post is long enough as it is ;)

  • Ronaldo breeds dividends. I think through this season you would break even and probably profit from his MB letalone and PB on top.

    Foden definitely, but under Pep he could become a world beater so I can understand the price.

    Kane definitely. Aubameyang definitely. Utd will be better this year and although terrible against big teams, I think Lukaku is almost guaranteed a PB against lower teams on Friday/Sunday/Monday football. And Utd are on tv more so that happens on a more regular basis.

  • @Fletch

    So Juventus paid 100 million for a player that's 'one minor injury from being shipped off to China or USA'.

    In his career, the longest period he has been out injured was 2 months, back in July 2016, with a torn collateral ligament.

    He is as fit now, as he ever has been.

    I'm not buying Ronaldo for the future, I'm buying him for the here and now.

    He will continue to produce the goods, just like he always does.

  • I am not disagreeing with the fact he will earn decent dividends this season but am highlighting the fact that if he gets inured (which may not be his fault could just be a really bad tackle) and order books have started and there is no instant sell you will probably lose everything

  • Also Juventus will have insurance!

  • Personally disagree with Auby. He was top scorer in by despicable many times and will definitely get goals. He has already won PB dividends at Arsenal and he’s a bit of a joker so won’t rule out MB (albeit not regular). In addition, he’ll be playing on Thursday’s in EL and then Sunday’s so potential for decent returns. Add in the company he is around (dybala who will struggle for as much Pb with Ronaldo there and Keita is not as proven as Auby is) then I wouldn’t rule him out. However, I am surprised he’s risen so much in such a short space of time.

    I hope I’m right as he’s my biggest holding!

    With the others - Ronaldo, he’s a risk and at £9 a share, might not be worth it to some. However he will certainly get divs so appreciate why people hold him.
    Allison, I agree and am fed up with seeing him. However, kudos for whoever has held him because prices are meant to be based on dividend potential, and he’s been up there with media lately so on that sense, it’s hard to argue with, regardless how I feel about it,
    Kane is very highly priced but while not a media darling, he does back a load of goals (eventually) and I can understand why he’d be that high.
    Even as a united fan, I get surprised with most of their players because they don’t play pretty or return a lot. I would prefer other strikers over him from an index point of view but wouldn’t rule him out getting a few goals and potentially getting Pb. In addition we will irons fall into EL which would give him a bigger Pb reward.
    Foden, yeah he’s overpriced but compared to other big potential youngsters, that’s not too far off others. I wouldn’t buy in but it is what it is :/

  • There’s dozens of 17-20 year old players who are massively overpriced. They hardly play so have virtually no dividend potential.

    Instead their price is propped up by hope that they’ll become the next Neymar / Messi. But they can’t all do that, so the vast majority are overpriced.

  • @ocs123 High risk high reward I guess. Personally I only tend to invest in young players that have already started some games for their clubs.
    Being a Liverpool fan I've seen plenty of youngsters with promise who have faded into obscurity. I'm sure most clubs of the same. Buying youngsters can be great, but I'd still be very cautious

  • @PaulR

    True. For every Stevie G, there are lots of players like Neil Mellor and Jay Spearing who drop down the leagues.

  • disagree on Harry Kane

    since august 2017 he has returned £2.27 in divs

    64p in PB (9 top forward and 3 star player)
    £1.63 in MB (23 1st, 4 2nd and 8 3rd)

    thats about 25% returns on his current price of £9.06

    thats good value

    not bad for someone who doesnt touch the ball enough and doesn't feture in MB very often

  • @B1992G

    My thoughts were based on his current price not past price and also the increased completion - Also a lot of those returns were based around the world cup which will obviously not happen in the coming 3 year cycle!

  • @Fletch fair point, personally think he is capable of £2.00 in divs this season.

    The UEFA Nations league will help him, more competitive internationals, more media than a friendly

    25+ prem goals

  • @Fletch taking only dividends earnt up to May last year Kane still returned 21% on his current price which is significantly higher than most of others.

    If Spurs has a good season then this will continue and if they have a bad one transfer rumours will increase. Either way holders of Kane are on to a winner in my opinion

  • When the Mbappe owners realise he isn’t going to win much they will jump ship

  • Only one Neymar I think he got a minor 3 on a media buzz since I been on here 1 April all I hear is hype and no divvys I was waiting for his great WC turned out to be a waste , ive seen no proof of his justification to be a £13+ player

  • @Mazza-magic He was injured for most of that time and still returned about 20% of his current value in divs last season. What more do you want?

  • @NewUser60527 Re Mbappe, Not if, like me, they have bought him for his long term potential.

  • @Angie-A said in 6 Overpriced Players to discuss:

    @NewUser60527 Re Mbappe, Not if, like me, they have bought him for his long term potential.

    By the time he moves to Madrid or neymar moves to madrid you could have brought and sold him a few times probably, re -invest profits in someone else and so on.

    One mistake I made early on was sitting o a load of green in one player and I never released the cash, eventually I made no money becuase the player didn’t make enough dividends and then his price slowly went back down.

    Unless your getting dividends the money is only on paper.

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