Aleksandra Prijovic

  • Aleksandra Prijovic - 40p for a striker that could be in the champions league.
    He also scored 3 goals in 4 matches in qualifying.


  • Alexandra is a female name
    No dividends are paid for “being in the CL”
    To cut it short and be polite, waste of space, time and money imho

  • @NewUser111136

    I hold him and i’m hoping PAOK get knocked out in the CL Playoff Round. That way PAOK will enter the EL Group Stage against weaker opposition, where he’s more likely to score a hattrick.

    He’s a natural goal scorer, if last season is anything to go by.

  • I just started a new topic on Prijovic - then saw this - so have deleted in favour of contributing here. I agree he is underpriced at 40p - I hold a few futures with a view to him either participating in CL or (preferably) EL where he could be in contention for divs. He's prolific over the last three seasons, so if he scores a few for PAOK in European competition he may garner some interest from a bigger club in one of the PB leagues...

  • PAOK plays against Benfica in Champions League Play offs, so they dont have many chances to go for Champions League group stage, which is good for Prijovic, because PAOK has a very strong team for Europa League. (They knocked out this summer Basel (5-1 on aggregate) and Spartak Moscow by playing very well in all of these games)

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