Portfolio Structure

  • Morning all!

    I currently have 43 players in my portfolio.

    What is your preference for management of your players?

    Less players and more shares?

    More players and less shares?

    Do you believe there's a limit for effective management?

    Is there a number you would not like less than, for diversification and spreading risk?

  • I have been on the index for a year and have over 80 players. I have set my portfolio mainly to have a player in each position i.e defender, midfielder and attacker in all the clubs that are in European competition . These players comprise of upcoming talent, good PB and MB returns. I hold anything between 25 to 200 shares in each. I choose to set my portfolio this way as these players could be playing up to twice a week so this would improve the chances of growth, media and PB returns.

  • I have only been on here for two weeks and have a portfolio of 14 players. I am weighing up whether to increase this further, but favouring reducing my portfolio down to about 8 players but with more futures invested in them.
    I am still in two minds about which way to go, I favour the more shares and less players as I think that will produce the more worthwhile gains in the long run. Portfolio value is around £250 but looking to invest another £250 on top, the smaller gains spread across more players is fun, but I don't think it will see the nice returns. Any thoughts from others around this would be much appreciated.

  • The way I see it is to consider what can go wrong; any player can have a career ending injury - would you like a significant % of your portfolio in him at the time?

    We would all like 100% of our portfolios in the daily top performers every day but that is an unrealistic expectation, so diversity is usually a good thing & only invest an amount in any single player that you would be willing to write off, if the worst happened.

    Everyone will have a different approach to risk & reward but sensible diversity will invariably succeed over time IMHO.

  • There is no right or wrong way with this. Plenty of ways to make money. Personally, I love having a load of players and spreading it out. This week just gone was the first week I had a player/players playing everyday, whereas beforehand it was “there’s 6 games this week but I only have players for Saturday”. In all honesty, I could probably make more money if I had less players and more shares, but from a personal entertainment view, having a variety is more exciting for me, even if it is only a few shares. I’ve got players from around 75p to Neymar at £13.70 with the majority in EL and CL. All top 5 leagues. There are players I want from other leagues for the future but only have so much money so that’ll have to wait :/. Find what works best for you :).

  • @Hungry-Singh I have a similar number of players. I go for young cheaper players and try to hold 300 of each. At the moment my portfolio has gone down £100 over 5 days. I believe that is because people have added money into those players already performing well or MB and PB magnets and taken it from youngsters that haven't yet hit the dizzying heights. I will hold onto them anyway and see what they can do.

  • Hello everybody :) I hope you all don't mind me adding my thoughts on the Portfolio Structure, especially as I'm a newbie & so with not much experience in Footie Index. What I've done & is continuingly doing is to look at the Godolphin horse racing idea. They have their interests in Dubai, Australia, Europe (GB, France & Ireland), Japan & the United States. Those places are THE one's in the horse racing world. So, & as regards to the football industry, I concentrate on the 5 big leagues in the world, the English Premier League, Ligue 1, Serie A, Bundesliga & La Liga. What I try to do, is to have quite a large ownership in regards to my portfolio budget in say the top 3 players of each league. The eye catchers. Those are my big hopes for consistent dividends & a very big chance of their value doubling & quite quickly. Then I look for 3-5 players who have decent experience in the top leagues & are aged between 23 & 25/26. With these players, I'm looking at transfer speculation & hopefully being transferred to more high profile & more successful clubs. The value of those players could definitely treble from the point of your purchase. Finally, & sorry to go on, I like to have quite a few (around 6-10) players who are aged 17-22 from all over the world, but mainly from South America (Argentina, Brazil etc) & definitely Red Bull Salzburg (Naby Keita, Sadio Mane ex players) as my hopes for the future. If you do your research into the not so well known, but quite high quality leagues, you can spot quite a few diamonds whose value after a move to europe, could multiply by 5 or even 10. I'll cease my rabbitry & to Thank you all for reading & to wish you all the best for fun & success :)

  • Ive been on the imdex for just over a year but decided to take a new approach this season, having a much larger diverse portfolio and i have to say in the last 2 weeks since making this change i have seen the most profit in my time here. Ive gone for larger holds in big media buzz/ performance players such as pogba, ronaldo, neymar, salah and messi. Then much smaller holds in all other players that have potential to go up in price but not much buzz potential i.e Zinchenko, pavon. Will be looking to increase to larger holds in other buzz players such as Bale, Isco over the coming months

  • @NewUser2025

    Do I spy a fellow horse racing fan? Don't want to hijack the thread and spam horse racing everywhere but good to know anyway if so!

  • @Johar Haha .. Hello Johar :) Well, I do like horse racing, but I don't know too much about it. Mind you, I do know that the Godolphin Group own much & many more horses than I thought. They split them into 3 analogy catergories. Number 1 the best horses they can get for today & tomorrow & the rest of the week, then Number 2 maybe the best horses for the week after until the end of the month & Number 3, maybe the best horses for the month after that & the subsequent few month's beyond that. In football, I'd say the Number 1 category of the best players for this season & the next. Number 2, the best in season 3 to 5 & Number 3, the best players for season 4 onwards. Take Care mate :)

  • @Hungry-Singh

    If you are a trader that has developed their skills and is familiar with the platform then my view is that you will only really start to make serious money once you become more specialised in your trades/investments and take more risk with them when you see an opportunity. That's certainly the case with me as time has gone on and has allowed me to compound my gains on a consistent basis.

    If that isn't appealing or doesn't suit you then obviously spreading it around gives you (ideally) returns with less risk and time involved, but clearly over the long-term your returns will be less.

    As always, quite dependant on the individual.

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