What's happened to the IPOs and "Not Available" player?

  • New season, new players......no IPOs for about a week???

    You'd think the least FI would do is to have all the English Prem players on the system...Mattéo Guendouzi for example? It can't be that much of a wrench to get new players added can it?

    Has anyone noticed the player called "Not Available", position number 1388 on the squad list? You can still buy and sell this mystery player for 51p....so he's not even the lowest priced player on the system?????

  • @Bernie-Madoff

    It will be Davide Astori ...

  • @johnboywalker Ah ok......i thought he would have been removed. So Astori is still worth more than a couple of hundred players who are still actually playing football? Crikey....that doesn't say much for them does it! Thanks for the answer.

  • @Bernie-Madoff

    Astori’s IPO was 50p so it’s just a consequence of being unable to fall below his baseline.

  • I suspect that there would have been more IPOs had FI not experienced various technical problems, which they’ve been busy trying to resolve.

  • @ocs123 yeh that's fair enough. I still think that in a later iteration of the platform that there should be a "request IPO" page/form which the requester (i.e. you or me) has to complete basic info, name, club, age, DOB etc...then all FI have to do is validate the data. At the moment i imagine FI just get an email saying "can you IPO Joe Bloggs"...at which point it sits in a queue waiting for someone to research the player from scratch. I guess in the grand scheme of things it's still early doors, so I should just be patient ha ha!

  • @Bernie-Madoff bit of a kick in the dick for Wayne Rooney if he realises his share price is a penny lower than that of a defender who passed away earlier this year.

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