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  • I don't suppose anyone has a nifty excel doc set up so that when you drop your transaction history into it it then uses formulas/macros to set it all out in a nice, easy to read, methodical fashion? There must be some accountants ouot there who have embraced this? I've had a go but my basic IF and SUMIF and VLOOKUP skills might not be up to the challenge! Thank youuuuu!!!

  • being able to extract transaction history would be a nice start.

  • @Bernie-Madoff my £1 a month data product does this and provides you profit and loss for each player.

  • @Noirx4 So for £1 a month your spreadsheet will take the standard data dump from FI and sort it into a nice format where it will show me multiple buys and sells against a players name, the cummulative profit...and most importantly when I'm getting close to the 3 year deadline? Sounds amazing for a quid! I don;t suppose you've got a screenshot of what it might look like? Thanks for the reply though, appreciate that!

  • @NewUser104652 I imagine there are all sorts of GDPR hoops to jump through, which is maybe why currently you get sent the data and then have to ring up for a password??

  • @Bernie-Madoff hi bernie

    So of you input full transaction history it will pull through into the player sunmary tab and show you against player name total buy, sell, current holding, profit or loss. It doesnt currently have function to flag the 3 year situation but im sure i could easily knock up a flagging system. If you email i can send you a sample

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