• Hi all,

    I am fairly new to the platform and doing some research before working out what level of investment/risk I want to run with.

    My question is about overall % gains. I can find plenty of traders on Twitter and YouTube who talk portfolio value but not many give initial investment and total % or value rise and timescale.

    I would be interested in peoples experiences from a selection of investment levels?

    Thanks in advance.

  • I’m 28% up in 7 weeks after restructuring my portfolio with 8 out of 10 players up about 30%

  • Firstly, welcome.

    Be careful with Twitter as it is like anything - People want you to love what they have....
    You don't have all the facts.

    I've invested £2k. Up 15% if I were to sell today (commission/spread included). Been on here for two weeks.
    Planning to invest more once I see how the divs work on a regular basis.

    Do your own research and understand how the platform works.
    For example, when selling, I wasn't aware of the importance of the go to market function until recently...

    Learn to look ahead.
    For example, Lyon have numerous Friday games for the next 3+ weeks. Looking at the schedule in advance, you could have bought these players at a 'discount' before the herd were aware of that and bought them.

    Do not underestimate dividends.
    A very resourceful, transaction-free cost way to buy more shares without depositing more money.

    This is not FPL.
    Similar to business, a great player is not always a great investment.

    Take it slowly!


  • @NewUser56900

    Its difficult to say because i have been piling cash in but if you just look at current port value against net deposits then im at 39% since september.

    But my deposits were really 5% of total pre december 20% december 30% march 45% may. So if i just look from march its 37% return since march on current total deposits.

  • @Irene-goodnight thanks for such a detailed reply. All your points are exactly the areas I have been researching. I started with a nominal amount which wasn't enough to get a wide enough spread of players to properly trial the platform.

    The last bit for me was the fixture planning against possible dividends. However I am trying to take a long term/ season long view so trying to get a mix of dividend earners/value growers across a selection of leagues. Although I completely understand Lyon/Friday fixtures and how that gives the edge.

    Thanks again

  • @NewUser56900 have you looked into data products

  • @Noirx4 not yet, do you have any recommendations?

  • @NewUser56900 well id obviously recommend me lol i do one for £1 a month email for a free sample

    Alternatives are edge £6.49 a month
    Scout £5 a month

  • @NewUser56900

    My initial investment was £100k betwen Jan 17 and November 17. I currently have a total portfolio value of £400k.

    The earlier users on the platform like myself took significant risk and therefore were greatly assisted by the early growth of the platform and the relative inefficiency in the market. In short, most people with half a brain could make money. That being said, could you still make a 300% ROI in 18 months going forward. Absolutely. The best traders do that in months.

    The situation we go into now is also very interesting and one I'm looking forward to where, with increased liquidity and the upcoming launch of the order book, which will allow for much easier buying/selling, there is the potential for skilled traders to make very good money. I'm already adapting my strategy to suit and it's paying off handsomely across all price points.

    Hope that helps.

  • @aspfootballindex
    With so many player prices going up, do you think it’s worth flipping or sticking? How much flipping do you do? I could make more money if I did but I’m aiming to try the Pb buzz game and see how I do with that. I’m not as successful with flips.

  • @FranklynMary

    It depends on how good you are at spotting opportunities and being right most of the time. If you are then flipping/short-term trading is far more profitable than holding for dividends. But from what you've said, it hasn't been successful for you. However, there is an "in-between" - maybe try buying players you expect to rise in the next couple of months and then try and sell them, rather than going for a much shorter timescale on flips. I say that because with very short-term flips (same day or few days) it's often the day traders that get on them first and then you get caught buying in when they are selling. As a general rule, the earlier you spot the opportunity the more you will make and so allowing a slightly longer timescale to think about your entry and exit may be more beneficial.

    I have had the time in the last few months to trade more short-term so have done a bit, But as I'm not online that regularly I don't really do very short term flips. As I said, whenever I see news and check the Index, it's clear others have already got their first most of the time. My capital is split between long term holds and shorter term trades, with more going towards the former as it suits my lifestyle generally.

    If you just want zero stress and a little bit of money, there is nothing wrong with holding for dividends. But clearly, if you can trade well then you don't need as large an investment to make the same amount of money.

  • @aspfootballindex First of all congratulations on your success on the index.
    Can you elaborate a little on how you are adapting your strategy in preparation for order books coming in? I don't really know what to expect. Bit of fear of the unknown.

  • As prices increase and the user base/liquidity grows, it will ultimately become far easier to enter and exit trades on pretty much any player at any time. That is as opposed to now where liquidity tends to come and go on certain players depending on the situation. For example, I have been looking at trades today and there are several players who I would like to jump onto but several things hold me back:

    • the time risk/delay of having to wait to sell an existing player to generate funds and therefore the possibility of missing my entry price on the new player
    • the possibility that a lack of liquidity means the upward price movement in the new player will take more time than I would like
    • the possibility that a lack of liquidity means that after the upward price movement, selling a large number of shares will also take time
    • the possibility that in the meantime the original player that I would sell to generate the funds to buy will have likely also gone up in price anyway, making the whole operation not worth a whole lot

    If I knew I could jump out of one player at the drop of a hat and into another one, I would certainly trade alot more rather than at the moment (given the time) and probably be more profitable compared to now where more of my portfolio is geared towards holds. And certainly as competition and prices increase it will be harder to generate ridiculously good ROI from just holding players for dividends. The most skilled traders will be the one the profit the most, which is how it should be. And that is the point of the order book, to stimulate trading for users and therefore generate more commission for Football Index.

    I hope that makes sense.

  • @aspfootballindex Thank you, very well explained.

  • @aspfootballindex
    Thanks ASP. I like the idea of the more 'long term' flipping and is along the lines I have taken up. I've got players for dividends but if they rise a considerable amount, sometimes it's worth cashing in instead of waiting for a potential div and their price dropping. Obviously disconnecting emotionally is a big factor. There's a lot of 'I want to keep that player' but actually I've started to sell a few where I see better investment. It's difficult sometimes when you lose players you want in your portfolio, but I've held so many players and lost numerous times, I need to start slowly increasing my portfolio. I'm getting there but it'll take time. Plus I prefer to have a widespread port which unfortunately means few shares in players. It's a mix of trying to make money but personally, trying to make it as entertaining as possible too. I appreciate your feedback and help!

  • @aspfootballindex Good tips. I go for buying young players and then selling after they've shot up. Rinse and repeat. My portfolio value was £12k in late march. It's now £18.5k in august. One thing I would like to know though is, how is it possible for a person to make 300% ROI in months. I don't get how that much money could be made?

  • @HappyLarry59855

    ROI is probably less than yours but people have invested more....that's how?

  • @Irene-goodnight possibly

  • @HappyLarry59855

    Looking at the squad, Jason Denayer is up 89% in 24hrs, Ruben Dias up 50% in a week, Ferland Mendy 50% in a month etc.

    Compound a few of these and you're at 300% easily after a few months.

  • @aspfootballindex I understand that, but how can people be clever enough to predict that they would rise like that beforehand? Good luck to them if they can though. That must only be 1% max of the users who are that good though.

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