Question for Liverpool fans (or anyone else)

  • Who do you think will be VVDs center back partner when everyone is fit. Lovren probably the obvious choice. Though Matip has always been a Klopp favorite. Or can Gomez keep his place? I think which ever one of the 3 who gets the regular spot will have significant growth over the next few months.

  • @TommyT as a liverpool fan im hoping its gomez as he is the future for that position and if we play him in that back 4 we have a back 4 fpr the next 5 years sorted. Annoyingly it will probably be lovren though

  • I think Lovren will get a run in the first team when he's back and fit, but Gomez would be a good player to have as he can play at CB/RB and can even cover LB. Maybe not the best for dividends but will definitely be on the rise soon enough

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