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  • Just started this week... Only put £20 in at the moment till I get the hang of it!! What did everyone else start with??
    Would you spread out with various players or go all on one??
    Any thing you know now that you wish you'd known in advance??

  • Spread it out and keep an eye on what makes prices change! The De Bruyne injury price changes were interesting yesterday!

    Read as much as possible - forum and the tutorial/ academy.

    Add when you can and only what is affordable!


  • im still not getting anywhere. started with just £100 to see how this works and how i get on. either im buying in the wrong players or at the wrong times. i think maybe bigger amounts need to be put in to get anywhere?

  • that said there are definitely opportunities to make money. its just getting in at the right time which im hoping i am learning from the £100 i have started with. KDB injury a good example. think his price is starting to rise again now and will be back to where it was before the injury before long

  • @NewUser159068 thanks..

  • @NewUser164962

    More risk, more reward.
    More investment, more reward.

    It's a difficult one.

    Most would be happy with a 7% annual return on the stock markets!

    If you got that with £100, you'd finish the year with £107....

    Food for thought.


  • I started with £10 and quickly got a few mates to join with referrals. £10 each for 4 of them got me to £50 and have been adding £10 a month as I go along.
    I brought 1 share in a hand full of players with the initial £10 and took the time to see what the market did and read up on strategies. I'm gradually increasing the number of shares as I go.
    My plan has been to hold a number of players for MB and PB with about 50% of my portfolio (Salah, KDB, Eriksen as examples have been great for me) and looked to buy more when I can. I like players in the EL and CL for this as they play more games so more chances for PB and MB.
    I have then added holds in young talent like Foden, Loftus-Cheek when they were still relatively cheap and will hold long term if they make the first team and return dividends or I will cash in fro profit and move to the next ones coming through. That's with about 25% - 30% of the portfolio and with the rest I look for players who I believe will rise in the next 2-3 months for a shorter term hold to make profit. These are usually players returning from injury, breaking into a team and starting regularly or maybe nearing an international Cap. As I invest more I am trying to add players from all top 5 leagues to diversify.
    I don't have the time or want to take the risk to day trade so not part of my strategy.
    Since joining in Jan I have made about £60 in profit to re-invest and plan to keep going to build my portfolio and trade in a higher number of shares when I buy to gradually build the investment.
    Sorry if it's a bit wordy but hope it helps. You'll hear a lot about being patient and not panicking but it's true.

  • @NewUser114673 thanks.. Makes sense.. It's definitely a slow game but the rewards are there

  • jut started and was wondering do you get refunded the first 500 you deposit for real?

  • I started day 1 depositing £50, put in another £300 by day 5, made a few mistakes and ended up about £20 down first week. Requested my money back (thinking there would be a catch) and it was back in my account within hours. Learnt from the mistakes, went again and haven’t looked back.

  • @NewUser168300
    If you don't withdraw any money then yes you can request the have the money back

  • @NewUser35725
    I started with £10 and got a couple of players. The excitement from my players going up in price by even a few pennies was really exciting. A couple days later I put in another £10 and then made it up to £50. Around a week later I made it up to £100. The best advice I can give is to take your time to learn about the platform as best as you can. The forum was amazing in helping me find my feet and understanding how it all worked. I think you've got to be prepared to make a loss at times as not every bet will work out perfectly. But that doesn't mean you can't go again on a different player. Try not to instant sell as that will eat away at your profits. Also remember that FI take 2% commission whether you sell to market or instant sell. Don't be afraid to take a loss and put that money elsewhere if you feel you can generate a better profit and don't let emotions get the better of you (you really want a player from your club even if they're losing money, kind of thing).

    Importantly, understand you are your own person and this is your portfolio. There will be people who have a smaller account than you and some with more. Some will have the same strategy as you and others will differ. Just put in what you can personally afford to and find a strategy that works best for you!. Good luck!

  • @NewUser35725 listen to every podcast you can, there are some absolute gems hidden out there (soundcloud) that might point you in the direction of some up and coming players that not many people are aware of. You'll find out what works for you over time, be patient and don't be afraid to just leave things be....making a conscious decision to do nothing is very different from "just doing nothing". Good Luck, welcome on board!

  • @Bernie-Madoff Oh and listen to all of FIGs podcasts, they'll provide you with a solid foundation.

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