• Would people say this is more of a long term investment and generally does it take a generous investment to make any money worth making?

  • @NewUser166677 it depends. I'm going all in on lower price players with upcoming games on Fridays and Mondays and finding a minor profit on a weekly basis before a ball is kicked. Nothing to write home about but it's a better interest rate than most savings accounts!!

  • @NewUser166677 what money do you consider is worth making? If you put in £20 You probably won't make a fortune but you'll more than likely be in profit after a few months which is less likely if you spend it in Ladbrokes or William hill.

  • @NewUser166677

    It totally depends on how you trade. If you want to be more hands on you can easily turn a small sum into 5x that in a few months once you have developed your skills. If you want a hands off approach you can probably get around 10-20% ROI by just spreading it on a few players. Obviously you'd need a larger investment for the latter to make the same end amount as you would in the former scenario. Hope that helps. As always, I recommend Football Index Guide's beginner youtube videos and podcasts for new starters.

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