Eden Hazard

  • At 7.20 he is worth it, will be far more attacking this year under Sarri and will constantly be in the transfer rumours, good for both overall price and dividends. Thoughts?

  • @NewUser2905

    On my radar too.
    May play 'false nine' if our strikers don't turn up...

    He will be the most expensive player I own so want to get to know the platform more first before I buy.

  • @Irene-goodnight I think he can reach Salahs price by the end of the season with plenty of Buzz wins along the way, would be a good return..

  • @NewUser2905

    That's a bold statement.
    On what basis do you think that?

    Change in formation? New manager? Better midfield?

  • @Irene-goodnight style of play under Sarri vs Conte, will suit Hazard much more and I expect him to score and assist far more this season

  • @Irene-goodnight think he could get to 9 at least, but being ambitious 10 is possible

  • @NewUser2905

    Well, as one of the most fouled players in the PL, he will rack up a lot of points from that perspective.

    I'm still not a fan of all of his flicks. 90% of them do not come off!

    Let's see what happens :)

  • @NewUser2905

    In total agreement here. Think Hazard is in for a fantastic season. The Madrid rumours will rumble on and think his price will increase steadily through the season.

  • Yep I agree. Think he could be a member of the £10 club by Christmas.

  • Agree, I’ve only got Hazard and Mbappe as big big hitters. Hazard, tempremental but loves an attacking team built around him. Early season hype will be about Liverpool v City, but won’t be long until Hazard is showing why he’s one of the top 5/6 players
    in the world. In FI terms, this will also lead to media buzz: surely this will be his last season in London before going to Spain. Value-wise, the only way is up!!

    Not a Chavski fan by the way ;)

  • I dont think he has done that well with MB in past and his PB is also poor in the past.

    Maybe under Sarri it will be better.

    If Madrid dont buy him now they wont ever IMO, they are saving the money for Neymar of Mbappe which is going tom be £200 million plus.

    Unless he starts with brilliant PB I think he is overpriced.

  • MB bandwagon about to start up again?

  • What’s with his drop ❓

  • Marca have declared that his transfer will be completed in a matter of days and this has caused panic that there won't be any media buzz over the summer for him. Of course this is one source and not a massively reliable one at that! All the papers have picked up on the one claim made by the paper, even if it is a Real Madrid paper.

    At lease if it is true the summer deposit bonus will cover the loss I've made on him! I don't trust the source though, so once he bottoms out I'll probably buy more :)

  • Some of that money would normally circulate round others but it’s not 🤔

  • Didn't this same thing happen like 2 weeks ago. Some source declared that he was close to signing and it was likely to get done in the next couple of days, but we still wait....

  • Smart ones sold at the top and will re-buy once he bottoms out. Maybe that's why the funds haven't gone anywhere? Maybe they're waiting to buy into Solomon Rondon :P

    Anyway, I've bought 10 more. Trying to sell a couple of other holdings to buy another lump.

  • When he’s still a Chelsea player on Monday, everyone will pile back on him

  • this is the Easter weekend - in Spain they pretty much shut down over Easter. No transfer will be confirmed.

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