Help for yet another newbie!

  • 2 weeks in and it seems to be going well but a question (apologies if it is a stupid one) in my portfolio showing value in green, is this amount taking into account the 2% commission fee or not that I would receive if I were to sell?
    I’m not thinking of doing so but just trying to get my ducks in a row!

    Thank you

  • No it does not include the 2%

    x the value by 0.98 and to find your 2% value

    so £2.61 x 0.98

  • Thanks for replying, the value x 0.98 I get but where does £2.61 come from?
    Sorry to sound thick

  • @NewUser163776

    I think he's just used any old price as an example to show what he means. So when you're working it out take the price of the player you own and do the same 🙂

  • The figures can be a bit misleading. Lots of people boast about their ROI percentages but there is no ROI at all until players sold and commission paid.

  • Thought that was probably it!
    Thanks to both for taking the time, I must say that the goodwill on the forum in general is refreshing 👍

  • It's roughly 3% between buy and sell. It's FI's spread markup, so you lose 5% overall when you sell.

  • Useful to keep in mind, thanks Ollie

  • Always good to keep in mind, if you look at a players profile, it’ll show you the percentage they’ve returned. Therefore if it were to say something like +1.81% then you’d be at a loss if you were to sell them after 2% is taken away. Not many people would see a 2-4p rise and think ‘I need to bank that profit’ but just another thing to think about. Good luck!

  • Another useful angle, thanks FM

  • @NewUser163776 yes was just an example

  • Thanks 92G
    Off track, is there a way to save your “Watch list”?
    I spent about an hour compiling one last night and it’s gone today!


  • @NewUser163776
    The watchlist is connected to the server etc you're using. I don't have one on my app. I have a watchlist on safari but if I go on Chrome then it's not there. This is something I think the platform is really lacking - A watchlist which covers all platforms and would be helping to see when you added them and the price you added them. Unfortunately that has to be done independently. So don't clear anything from your server if you want to keep the watchlist. Or note them down elsewhere to keep a better track of it

  • Much obliged FM, thanks again for your time

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