Fantasy football - Nacho Monreal

  • Was reading some fantasy football tips and noticed a few people have tried to apply FF logic to the index.

    Nacho Monreal is Arsenal's only fit left back after Maitland-Niles and Kolasinac were ruled out for about 2 months each. This makes him a great shout for FF and I've purchased him on the index hoping for a small rise when he plays back to back games. He also scores a few so could have been a good shout anyway.

    Thoughts? Both on Monreal as an individual and the application of fantasy football logic to the index.

  • I think last year was a freak year for him as far as goals were concerned. Arsenal deployed a back 5 from time to time which allowed him to get forward more and I don't see that happening under Emery.

    That said, there will be a few FF points, definitely.

  • @JC5 I have had this discussion with a few people. Unless you were here before last season ended, which it seems a lot of the new people weren't, then you'll probably expect the scoring on the index to be very similar to that of fantasy football. In my experience it isn't. I think personally once the season properly kicks in we'll see a lot of money moving round to the big performance buzz winning players.

    Just because a striker scores a lot of goals it doesn't make them a good player to have on football index.

    The fact that Monreal is arsenals only fit left back means absolutely nothing really because he'll be up against anything up to 100+ other defenders for the buzz on any given day.

    If you've only recently joined, you'll get the hang of it but you'll soon adjust how you view who is valuable and who you previously thought would be valuable.

  • Hazard is a brilliant fantasy football player but that hasn’t translated into FI terms at least last year it didn’t.

  • @Stevo fair points. Thanks for that.

    I guess I've essentially gambled on him scoring a goal in the next few weeks and then I can trade out.

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