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  • Just wondering what people's thoughts are on how the next England squad announcement will affect player prices on the index?
    In the past rumours that a player would be getting a call up would lead to a spike in their price, often followed by a sharp drop (flippers gonna flip).
    I've got in early for a couple of players who I think might get in (won't mention names as want to see who others think).
    Do people think this is a good tactic and if so which players do you think might get called up who didn't go to the WC?

  • @TommyT
    Chalobah. Demarai Gray. Sessegnon maybe with a view to 2020. (There's a joke in the about 2020 vision..). Luke Shaw, if he's ahead of Young at Utd, he will be for England too.

    The left back spot is wide open really, that's the biggest opportunity for a fresh call up.

  • Mason Mount? :D

    Long shot but he trained with the England squad prior to the WC.

    2020 probably too soon for him though.

  • Shaw and Winks to actually play a game, I have both already, expect them to be well over £2 soon.

    Hudson Odi to get in the squad for a taster, although not exactly a bargain.

    Sessegnon will get in but he is overpriced already.

  • @Lukeroro
    Chalobah - Good shout. Just bought some.
    Sessengnon and Shaw - Might replace Rose and Young who didn't feature at the the weekend.
    Gray - I don't own but in with a shout. A lot of people tipping for a big season.

  • @Irene-goodnight
    I think if he had gone in loan to a prem team would of had a good chance. I think Sancho will probably get the nod over Mount.

  • @NewUser60527 Definitely agree with Shaw. Have been looking at Winks.

  • @TommyT said in England squad:

    @NewUser60527 Definitely agree with Shaw. Have been looking at Winks.

    I got on winks 3 weeks ago i think already up 30p, things are moving fast.

  • Completely forgot about barkley, he is one of my ‘growth players’, he is also rising steadily. He could easily get a call I think I recall Southgate suggesting that if barkley had been playing before the World Cup he would be in the squad, now it seems Sarri quite likes him.

  • @NewUser60527 I've just used my remaining balance to purchase 38 Harry Winks

  • @NewUser60527 Good shout. If he gets back to his best we will see significant growth.

  • I would say Maddison is a cert to be called up if fit. I genuinely believe this lad can be one of the best English footballers in the last 25 years

  • @TommyT Things don't look too strong for Rose, he might have already peaked I think, as a player. He always did have a mistake in him.

    What happened to the Leon Bailey hype before the World Cup?

  • @Lukeroro is Chalobah even fit? Either this season or ever? He's played 6 games since Watford signed him.

    @Happy-Hornet I know this has been a bit of a running joke between us for some time now but is Chalobah seriously good enough to play for England?

  • @Stevo Southgate seems to like him. Kept him in and around for training before the world cup. I don't hugely rate him but at 23 this should be a breakthrough year to see what he's all about.

  • @Lukeroro I think its cos England have got such a massive lack of decent midfielders. Admittedly that makes no diff3rence in football index terms because if he does make the England squad his price will rise regardless of if he's actually crap.

  • @NewUser164540 said in England squad:

    I would say Maddison is a cert to be called up if fit. I genuinely believe this lad can be one of the best English footballers in the last 25 years

    Agreed I think Maddison has the best chance of getting an England call up in the next 3-6 months. Starting at Leicester, will start to get a bit of hype around him. Not sure he will reach the level you say but I hope so :)

  • @Stevo Think Delph will have a big role if he can stay fit.

  • I’d say Gomez. Lovren out injured and Klavan on his way out. He started against West Ham so likely to continue. Klopp will give him a chance just needs to take it!

  • @Stuart-H Cracking shout

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