De Bruyne

  • In light of the news he will be out for 3 months would people keep or sell?

  • I think some will sell and some will hold.

    I was fortunate to purchase him for £2.44 so even with the drop I'm still way in profit with him.

    He is great value, even at his highest price, so when his price recently dropped I put further investment in him as I knew he would rise again.

    If he drops again I'll be waiting to invest. People panic sell or simple can't afford to have the money tied up in a player who can't earn PB, but at the end of the day, he's quality and there is much value in him long term so worth the hold.

  • No point selling now, he's bottomed out and started rising again! I bought another 100 when he hit 4.90 so have already made £25 on that... Personally I'd hold but i guess it 100% depends on your strategy and what you want out of who you hold, if its divis you obviously won't get PB but potential for MB both now and once his return date approaches.

  • Is a long term hold for me so I'll be keeping and topping up if he drops lower but he seems pretty stable at £5 at the moment.

  • People have been holding for expected buzz but that will stop after today until he comes back, the whole european leagues pretty much start this weekend so buzz will be dominated by game days mostly.

    Don’t be surprised to see him go to 4.50 in a month, people will just reinvest in someone else.

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