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  • Can anyone explain.. I brought Suarez and my shares have gone up 12% but when I go to sell it’s for less than what I originally paid? Why can’t I sell him at the price he is now valued at?

  • @NewUser166677 You're looking at the Instant sell (IS) price, if you choose the option ''join sell queue'' once you get to the front of the sell queue and someone buys some Suarez you'll get the current buy price (-2% commission of course)

    The IS price is always lower, sometimes much lower than the current buy price, it's the cost you pay for FI effectively buying back your bet.

  • The difference between the buy and sell prices are what's known as 'the spread' this is the price that FI themselves will buy back the shares from you, on the higher value players this will be a bigger amount and so my advice would be to sell to market, which effectively puts your shares into a queue and will be sold when other users buy those shares in the player

    Generally speaking, if possible you should try and avoid instant selling as you giving away potentially a lot of value

    The only times I tend to instant sell is in the lower priced players where the spread is only a couple of pence and the low demand for that player would mean that I'd be waiting in the queue for ages

    Also, as some users did yesterday, when the news about DeBruyne's injury broke, the lucky first few instant sold but then instantly got onto his potential replacements ie Bernardo Silva, thus protecting themselves against his sudden drop in price. Its difficult to sell to market in this instance as everyone is selling and his price is falling like a lead balloon

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