A matter of perspective

  • So guys just something to consider when it comes to data products

    Say you have a portfolio worth £100 now if you are signing up to my £1 data product you would be looking for it to generate 1% a month in dividends i would say so you are at least getting your money back on dividends.

    If you have £1000 portfolio then you're talking 0.1% a month in dividends.

    Any capital growth is a nice bonus (its difficult to attribute growth benefits to data products when the index is booming).

    Over the past year i have been using this product to make my decisions and have had between 1 to 3.65% dividend returns per month with the average being 2% so even with £100 portfolio you should be seeing your subscription back in dividends over the year :).

    Email noirx4@hotmail.com for a sample and more info.

  • All credit to Noirx4 for the time & effort he has spent creating this fantastic data product which he is sharing with fellow traders at a very low price.

    Its a very helpful tool to have at your disposal where you can look up current & past data which can help & guide you into making informed decisions on players.

    A must have tool for traders especially the inexperienced traders.

    If you have some knowledge of spreadsheets/formulas you can add to it or i'm sure Noirx4 could include if asked.

    Why not give it a go, what have you to lose and if its not to your liking cancel the subscription.

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