A Price Question

  • I'm sorry if this question has been asked before or even many time's, but do fellow Footie Index investor's think that the price of every player may half (& be given 2 shares per current shareholding) soon ?? I'm fairly new to Football Index after a break (Haha .. I tried to win big at various bookmakers, but unfortunately only probably paid for the bosses exotic summer holiday's !!), but seem to remember a halving price/doubling up of share's before.I

    Thank You for any feedback.

  • @NewUser2025 Yes, there was a share split but it was by 4 not 2. I expect another one in the coming months.

  • It would also lead to a reduction in dividends if the last one was anything to go by. So essentially its fairly cosmetic depending on if they round up the dividends or not

  • Thank You both for your replies & Yes, I can see a bit of an issue with the dividends if there was a split. I just saw that Neymar is trading at nearly £14 atm & that number could be close to £20 at Christmas if the rate continues as it is doing.

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