Roman Zobnin

  • Had a good World Cup I thought, only 24 years old, would be well suited to a higher level of football.

    Trading at 37p a share, obviously would be one for the future as he has no dividend appeal. But, he would be a low risk gamble for low term gain.

    Only concern is if he was to move to a bigger club than Spartak, surely he would have done so off of the back of the World Cup in his own country...

  • Think you've talked yourself, and most others, out of that trade.
    Plus I'll be honest- never heard of him. Can't have been that good a performance in the world cup!

  • He has some value as an outside punt, as his club are in the Europa League group stage and he has high pass completion stats.

    Not a world beater, but you get what you pay for with 37p players!

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