• Always looked at feeder clubs on this, but Ajax young players always do well, anyone think there’s going to be a potential few gems coming from them this year???

  • Hello. I have shares in four or five of them. Four have gone up, one gone down. I think they will all increase in value a little for one reason or another but I would bet only one or two make a big leap in just twelve months. Depends on Europe maybe? They are in the long hold part of my portfolio.

  • @Boschy which players do you have futures in?

  • @NewUser52765 I'll say the one that's gone down is van De beek

  • I held bits and bobs from Ajax last season and quickly flipped hitting pound profits but do wish i kept a few as at £2+ i begrudge paying for players outside the PB competitions... That said if they do get through I might be looking to buy more although the niche in profiting from a more diverse FI is probably to now avoid the 'obvious' clubs and instead look for bargains that others have perhaps missed...

    That said i see room for profit in David Neres especially... de Ligt who I'm sure will get a big move within 3 years and i do still have holds in Kasper Dolberg and Donny van der Beek who i expect to be moving before long!!!

    The good thing with Ajax is that they 'always' produce so anyone new that is coming up this year will be affordable and not over priced as they would be perhaps if they were at a big English club!

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