Anybody else playing from outside UK ??

  • Hi, I'm new here, I'm English but living in Sweden, I'm curious if anyone here has ever deposited from outside of the UK and then made a withdrawal??? The exchange rate was pretty terrible and my worry is when i withdraw it's going to be terrible in the opposite way :(( big disadvantage to non UK residents

  • @Mwerdna there was a swedish chat message posted a couple of weeks ago

  • @Noirx4 saw that but they were more interested in language 🤦‍♂️

  • Hi! I live in Sweden and had that problem too. I started an account at Revolut (Surely there are other banks/alternatives) and transferred money from my Swedish bank to Revolut. Then I made a deposit from the Revolut account to index. That way you don't have to pay the extra fee that Swedish banks charges for doing the exchange.

  • Unfortunately you will have to withdraw on the same bank card you used due to the way they prioritise the withdrawals. Unless you call them and say the bank account is closed so they need to use a different one?

    If you have the patience you could open a UK bank account? More arduous for non-residents but that way you can control the exchange rate in and out

  • @KingZ I made a £10 withdrawal just to see how bad the exchange rate is, here's hoping it's not a huge difference to the deposit rate 😁

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