Outstanding bonus payments

  • Hi

    I’m interested in knowing if any users remain in dispute with FI about payments not yet received under the 10% scheme that ended, I think, about August 9th..

    Initially I was all up for supporting those who said that the company had gone through an unexpected period of demand etc and happy to give some slack.

    However in the last few days I’ve had a series of emails saying that they have
    no record of my opt-in (which I did).

    Anyone else still getting **** over by FI on this? I’ve really enjoyed my time
    on the platform but having real doubts about their credibility at the moment... It feels like “all or nothing” - if they can’t process a 10% of £500 bonus payment, how can I trust them with my portfolio??

    Again, sorry for negativity, but feel it is important to share, and see of any other are in dispute?????

  • @bangor116 I didn't get involved in the bonus scheme however don't think Football Index are doing this to you on purpose. I think you can trust them to try and do the right thing, but it is whether they are capable enough to do the right thing that is the problem. They may not have the staff or resources possibly...?

  • @bangor116 maybe it was your own fault because you forgot to claim the bonus! According to FI some people didnt act according to the T&Cs. I m 100% sure that if you have done everything correct you would have received the Bonus like I have. Why should they upset their users?

  • @NewUser38991 how can you be 100% sure? Ridiculous statement. Why take FI's word over his? I got my bonus in the end but not without a struggle. There are plenty of us concerned about FI's CS levels and credibility.

  • @NewUser162554 1. Why should FI upset their users? 2. Can you prove that he acted according to the T&Cs? 3. Do you think that all people read the T&C?

    Everyone can easily say that he didnt received the bonus.... i trust FI more than an anonymous user here in the forum. I have seen on twitter etc a LOT of people who received their bonus! I received it too, without any problems!!!

  • @NewUser38991 fair enough. I just don't see how you can be 100% sure he didn't opt in. They should provide confirmation of opt ins. Maybe there was a glitch? Just maybe they should give him the benefit of the doubt when it's his word against theirs, in light of recent glitches and to show some goodwill? Anyway, have a good day.

  • I've had mine, but really do think people should of had a confirmation email

  • @NewUser162554 Agree, thanks for the support. Initially I did not opt in, classic case of reading the “headline” rather than the terms. That’s why, the day before the offer ended, I went to the website, filled in my opt-in details, entered them, then deposited the £500. Anyway, doesn’t seem to be a gang of people in the same situation, and that’s what I was trying to establish with my post. Agree with users who say FI have not done it intentionally; but worrying that they hold a couple of grand of my money (at the moment). What else could happen “unintentionally”. I’ll see if it’s sorted on Monday, if not, go to the regulator. Thanks for the replies.

  • @NewUser38991

    I read all of the T&C’s in detail. I 100% complied with them.

    I didn’t receive my bonus. I had to chase and chase and chase FI until they finally paid out.

    Hopefully the next FI balls up affects you. Then we can all question whether you did what you say.

  • Personally don't see why we have to 'opt in' anyway. If you deposit and buy futures during the bonus period you should get the bonus.

  • @bangor116

    Hiya Bangor,

    I'm in the same boat. Lost out on £200.
    Knew I opted in as I was a new user and this was the first thing that I did.

    I called FI and was told that I wasn't on the list.
    Not helpful.

    I am not pursuing as I perceive it to be a waste of my time. However, I think FI could have provided a token gesture at the very least.


  • The opt in process isn't great anyway, there's no confirmation email when you do opt in, so you can't be 100% sure that you have

    I really think that FI should give people a bit of leeway in this instance as this bonus issue is having a negative effect on the platform, if people think they are due the bonus, and they have deposited in the bonus window, then just give them the benefit of the doubt.

    Moving forwards they should make it crystal clear when you have opted in via confirmation email so that this issue doesn't come up again

  • I was one of the ppl to complain I didn't get my bonus, credit where credits due, after a long time waiting on a reply they informed me I opted in with a different email to that of me setting up my FI account, as soon as we clarified this they credited my account. Credit where credits due they fixed it straight away. I don't have faith in CS at all but they fixed this as soon as we realised the confusion.

  • @John-Renwick

    John, thanks.

    I received my bonus yesterday so also have to give credit where it is due.

  • got mine swiftly thank you football index. hope withdrawl works as smooothly when time comes here for the long haul!!

  • Chased them again yesterday and amazingly they paid out. How late was that. Not congratulating their performance on this. We should all have been paid out at The same time. If they offer this in future. I hope they have trained their staff a whole lot better.

  • I have give up it was only £15 so I won’t be hooked into anymore bullshit promotions

  • I chased and called a few times.

    They told me i did not opt in, i 100% did ( i even double checked by opting in again for a message to tell i was already opted in). I kept pushong and then they told me i made a typo when opting in and they paid me out.

    Wasnt great Customer Service and does not paint them in a good light to be honest.

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