Unexpected dividend payout

  • Hi - twice in the last week, I have got dividends I don't think I have earned. Earlier his week, I got extra MB for Paul Pogbas I bought after the 2pm deadline and today I got a bigger payout for Trippier than I was expecting.

    Now I am all in favour of free money and FI stiffed me on the missing players problem (got them back at the current price rather than the price when they went missing and no comp). But I worry that this is yet another financial screw up and whilst I am only pennies up, across all of us this must be ruining FI's financial model.

    They really need to get a grip on all of these problems and stop trying to run before they can walk. They also need a better reporting system, doing things through Twitter is not the answer.

  • @NewUser155531
    That's interesting. How many shares' worth did you get paid extra?

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